43rd President of the United States

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States, son of the 41rst President of the United States, George H. W. Bush. George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush are the second father-son presidents since John Adams and John Q. Adams.

George Walker Bush born in July of 1946, was the first son of George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush. Grew up in Texas, where George H. W. Bush started an oil company, which made him rich. The family moved to Houston, and W. Bush went to a preparatory school for 2 years, then went to a boarding school in Massachusetts. There he played on the baseball team and was the leader of the cheerleader team.

After graduating, he got accepted to Yale, getting a Bachelor of Arts in History, and then got a Master of Business Administration in 1975.

Bush worked in the Texas Air National Guard in May of 1968, and spent two years in training, then was assigned to Houston. He then enlisted in the Alabama Air National Guard and was finally discharged in 1974.

In 1977, he met Laura Welch, a school teacher, and librarian. Before he met Laura, he was an alcoholic for a bit, but when he married Laura, he joined the United Methodist Church and became better. Only three months after meeting, Bush proposed, and they got married later that year. They had twin daughters on November 25, 1981, Barbara and Jenna.

Bush first ran for House of Representative but failed. So he bought a portion of the Texas Rangers baseball franchise, and also managed his father’s presidency campaign. The Texas Rangers baseball team was doing really well because of him, and he soon became the leader. He also gained a status as a great businessman.

He then tried again with politics, this time running for governor of Texas in 1994. Because of his success with the baseball team, and his family’s background, he was able to defeat the incumbent Ann Richards. He focused on education, reducing the crime rate, welfare, and tort reform.

In 1999 he tried his luck and ran for president with Dick Cheney as his vice president. The 2000 presidential election was really close, Bush lost the popular vote but won the electoral vote. And because of his win in the electoral vote, he won the election.

Eight months after this election, the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred. After these attacks, Bush declared the “War of Terror”, which was a war on Afghanistan. Then in 2003, he declared war with Iraq.

The war with Afghanistan is the longest war yet for America. In 2011, there has peace talks with the country, and in 2014, all the American troops in Afghanistan returned, just leaving a small group until 2016.

In 2007, the housing market bubble popped, it was one of the biggest drop in the U.S . It didn’t get better, and people started calling it the Great Recession, which takes from the “Great Depression”. The economy finally started to recover in 2011, 4 years after.

The George W. Bush administration was different, mostly because they had control of both the Houses of Congress and Presidency. And in this administration both House and Senate were both Republicans, and made some of the worst decisions. Usually one will be mostly Democratic and the other Republican, to balance things out.

In conclusion, this is the last history essay for the 8th grade, I had a lot of fun learning. This course started from 1754 with the Seven Years War to now. You can look at my past essays, I have my 6th(i think) and 7th grade history essays if you to wanted you read them :P.


Korean War

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

So after World War II in 1945, Korea had their own problems during the 1950s. Before I talk about the Korean War, United Nation(U.N.) was a big part during this war.

The United Nations(U.N.) was an intergovernmental organization, organized on October 24, 1945. It was made to replace the League of Nations, that wasn’t working very well. When the U.N. first started, it had only 51 countries as members, now it has 193 countries, where each countries will fund it to keep it running.

So back to Korea. Korea was under the Japanese rule for a long time, till the end of World War II, where the Allied Forces freed them, but part of this liberation, both the Soviet Union and the American forces entered the country.

But because Korea was controlled by the Japanese for so long, they didn’t really have a government to go back to. So the U.N. decided to temporarily divide the country with the 38th parallel, a latitude line, just until the country gets better.

38th parallel line

Well, the two sides had a vote on what kind of government they should run. And both sides had very different opinions, and they couldn’t work together. South Korea wanted a democratic government and North Korea favored Communism.

So when 1950 came around, North Korea, who was supported by the Soviet Union and China, attacked South Korea, hoping the reunite the country. After this attack, the U.N. interfered with this problem, so they started sending supplies and troops.

And because the United States was the strongest country in the U.N. it provided 80% of all the aid.

Just in 3 months after the attack, the North Koreans were able to push the South Koreans to a small land called Pusan. They were almost pushed off their land, until U.S. General Douglas MacArthur had this plan called the Inchon Landing.

His plan was to lead a land/water invasion into the city Inchon, right under the 38th parallel, and this invasion cut off all supply lines to North Korea, and totally changed the way of battle.

During the next months, it’s just been back and forth with the territories, and not really accomplishing anything. Then they were aerial fights, in the Korean war, it was the first time they used jets in battle.

North Korea was backed up by China, while South Korea was helped by the United Nations, and nothing happened for awhile, just small battles. Till they agreed on a ceasefire on July in 1953, but no treaty was ever signed.

Now South Korea is now a well-working country, they are the world’s sixth leading global city, with the fourth largest economy, and seventh most sustainable city in the world. So yeah, South Korea been doing really good.

While North Korea, on the other hand, stayed with a communist government, and has not developed technologically, and holds no relations to other countries. Since the Korean War, they have not been doing very well.

Well, I hope you liked this essay, it’s really sad what war can result to, although some may be good, but the lives lost cannot be repaid.

Texas Revolution

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

Today for history I will be talking about the Texas Revolution. I was about write about the California Gold Rush, but my brother already called it, so I’m doing the Texas Revolution. The Texas Revolution started October 1835 and ended in April 1836. It lasted only for about half a year and Texas did eventually gain their independence in the end.

Before the Texas Revolution, Texas was part of Mexico who was part of Spain, until 1821, Mexico finally left the jurisdiction of Spain. Texas was called “Spanish Texas” and it was populated by the Mexicans, Americans, and Native Americans.

Before the revolution, and after the Mexico gained independence, the Mexican Empire allowed 300 Americans to move in. They hoped by having more settlers it’ll lower the rates of Indian raids and populate Texas. But as time goes on, more and more American settlers moved in, and soon enough, the government was even outnumbered. So in 1830, the President of Mexican said no more immigrants from America, and the local government, also called the Empresarios, got frustrated.

In 1832, the Empresarios held the Convention, which will eventually lead up to the Texas Revolution. At this point there were, 30,000 American Texans and only 7,800 Mexican Texans.

In 1834, the Mexican President, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, forced some policies on Texas, and the Texans were on a verge of war. Santa Anna sent his brother-in-law, General Cos, to go see if the Texans are actually rebelling. So when he arrived, he didn’t really get a chance to meet them, and he was actually asked by one of the Mexican Forts to get a canon that they loaned to the Texans and retrieve it. But the Texans weren’t in a condition to give it back, and this led to the Battle of Gonzales, in October 1835.

100 men went to retrieve the canon, but noticed that they couldn’t cross the Gonzales River, so they waited, while they waited, other Texans came to join the fight. After this skirmish the Mexicans pulled back, and it ended with only 3 casualties, 2 on one and 1 one the other side. And the Texans were determined to separate.

The biggest battle of the Texas Revolution was the Battle of Alamo in February 1836, the Texans already declared their independence in January. Although the President, Santa Anna, did not want this, so he came with his army.

The Alamo was a small Catholic Church near San Antonio, the old capital. There were 100 men stationed here and Santa Anna arrived on February 23rd with 1,500 men, and he was reinforced with over 1,000 men during the battle. There were some fires back and forth, and the Texans had to send a messenger for reinforcements. Then on March 6th, the Mexicans advanced forward, and the Texans inside the Alamo knew they had no chance, but fought boldly. In the end, between 125-250 Texans died, compared to 400-600 Mexicans.

The Alamo today is still there, and now it’s a monument for all those people who fought bravely in the Texas Revolution.

Now after the Battle of Alamo, it actually made more people want to join the army, so Sam Huston, the leader of the Texan Army, recruited more people. When Santa Anna heard of this, he wanted to face them immediately, so he organized an army and set-off to find Sam Huston. He stopped at the San Jacinto River to wait for reinforcements, and when the reinforcements came, the Texans attacked the day after, April 21, which surprised the Mexicans.

This battle only lasted 18 mins, and Santa Anna was captured and was forced to sign a treaty with Sam Huston or be killed. These treaties were called the Treaties of Velasco, it had two treaties, the first was an agreement to return the prisoners of war, and second was an agreement that Mexico was never to attack Texans in exchange for Santa Anna’s life.

And so, Texas gained their independence, and became the Republic of Texas.


John Quincy Adams


RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

Today I will be talking about the United States 6th President, President John Quincy Adams. You probably guessed already, and yes, John Q. Adams is the son of the 2nd President John Adams, and was the first son of a president to become president.

John Quincy Adams was born in Braintree, Massachusetts on 1767. He didn’t really go to a school, but was tutored by his cousin and his father’s law clerk. At the age of 11, he accompanied with his father to multiple trips to Europe. While traveling, he was able to learn a lot of things, and learned a bunch of languages, and even attended Leiden University in the Netherlands.

John Quincy also accompanied Francis Dana to Russia, visited Finland, Sweden, and Denmark and became very fluent in most languages. He returned to America, and then attended Harvard, and in 1787 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree, then in 1790 with a Master of Arts degree.

He then wrote some articles defending Washington’s decision of not going to war with Europe, after this, he was soon appointed to be ambassador of the Netherlands by Washington at the age of only 26. He wasn’t really interested, but his father pushed him, so he accepted anyways. During his trip he met his wife, Louisa Catherine Johnson.

After the Netherlands, Washington then appointed him minister of Portugal in 1796. Then during James Monroe’s presidency, John Quincy was appointed Secretary of State. Back then it was pretty common that the Secretary of State to become the next president, so in the election of 1825 he ran for president.

He was running against General Andrew Jackson, and it was a three-way tie, so the House of Representative had to vote, John Quincy eventually won and Andrew Jackson was really mad, he actually spent the next 4 years getting ready to beat John Quincy in the next election, and he did win.

During John Quincy’s presidency he wanted to make more progress inside America, so he paid for road-buildings, canal-buildings, and he supported the Native Indians in their claim lands.

In the next election of 1829, Andrew Jackson won, making John Quincy the second president to only serve one term. Only the following year he was appointed to the House of Representative by the Plymouth district in 1830. He worked in Congress for the next 17 years of his life, while there he did supported, not wanting any involvement with the War of Mexico and wanted to repeal slavery.

John Quincy died in 1848 by an awful stroke while he was still in Congress.

Although John Quincy only served one term as president, he was a good one, and he supported in what he believed in. He worked as a diplomat and a congressman and was respected for that.