Bone Marrow

RonPaulCurriculum 10th Grade Biology Essay

So for today’s science essay, the subject is bone marrow. Did you know that we have two types of bone marrow, if you did good for you, if not then yes, we have two types of bone marrow. Before I get to the subject, what is bone marrow?

Bone marrow is a “flexible tissue in the interior of bones”. So our bones are hollow on the inside, and that’s where your bone marrow is.

Now the two types of bone marrow we have are yellow bone marrow and red bone marrow. Yellow bone marrow stores extra fat, you know how water reservoir is to keep extra water, it’s basically the same thing but we store extra fat or energy. It’s located in your long or short bones. It can convert back to the red bone marrow in severe cases, like blood loss. It slowly replaces your red bone marrow as you grow older.

In truth, babies have 100% red bone marrow. It isn’t until adulthood, where humans have a 50-50 of red and yellow bone marrow.

Red bone marrow produces blood cells, that are important for the body. Cells like red and white blood cells. Red blood cells(also called erythrocytes) carries oxygen in your body. It also has hemoglobin that allows them to carry oxygen and also has a pigment color, which gives the cell the color red.

The two common types of white blood cells are leukocytes and neutrophils. They help your body fight and detect infections or bacteria, and get rid of it.

Red bone marrow is located in your flat bones like your, breast bone, hip bone, skull, ribs, and shoulder blades. It’s also located at the end of your long bones, such as your femur(thighbone), shinbone, and humorous bone(which is the bone from your shoulder to your elbow)

Fun Fact: “On an average, bone marrow constitutes 4% of the total body mass of humans” and “bone marrow produces approximately 500 billion blood cells per day”

In conclusion, bone marrow is an important part of your body. Red bone marrow produces blood cells, that carries oxygen in your body, and also detect and get rid of bacteria and infections in your body. Yellow blood cells store extra fat(or energy) and can convert back to red bone marrow when needed.

I hope you liked this essay! Please comment if there are any mistakes.