Noah and the Ark

RonPaulCurriculum Western Literature Essay

Today I’m going to tell the story of Noah and the Ark, and I’m pretty sure you’re pretty familiar with the story of Noah and the Ark. For today’s assignment “What was the of the importance of ethics and sanctions in the story of Noah and the Flood?”

In the beginning, God made a covenant, which is a contract or an agreement, saying that if you are well-behaved, and follow his steps then you will be spared. But if you commit a crime or be bad then there will be a penalty, sanctions.

So when God realized the bad intentions in people and not being graceful in the things He provided, He decided to kill off mankind, and everything with it, to start a fresh new civilization. And with that, he decided to bring forth a flood that lasted 40 days and 40 nights. But he spared Noah and his family because Noah respected God and never sinned. So God told him to build an Ark, which he and his family did, and it would protect them from the flood, and bring two of each animal with him, and he did.

Then God rose above the waters and mountains and moved Noah into a safe space, and brought on the flood, killing everything and everybody. After a long 40 days and 40 nights, Noah sent out a dove and it came back carrying an olive branch in its beak showing that plants and trees are growing, and the flood finally ended.

So after a stressful journey, they found land and started to settle.

After the flood, God vowed to never kill off his creations, which is mankind. And Noah will have grandchildren and everything living would under his control, and a rainbow appeared as a sign of their new covenant. Then Noah created an altar to worship and pay respects to God.

In conclusion, ethics and sanctions do matter very much. Because Noah knew his ethics and respected God, he didn’t have to through any sanctions and was spared during the flood. While others didn’t, and was not spared and had to go through the consequences. Thanks for reading.


The History of the Minoans and Mycenaeans

RonPaulCurriculum Western Civilization History Essay

This week I learned about the history of the Minoans and the Mycenaeans.

We don’t have a lot of information about the Minoans, in fact, we didn’t even know about them until, Arthur Evans discovered them in 1899 when he discovered the city of Knossos, and other structures and artifacts. We believe that the Minoans came before the Mycenaeans and populated Greece during the 2000 B.C.

And we found out that the Minoans traded various different things from copper, tin, ivory, and gold to oil, and pottery, too many different countries and cities. They were pretty successful in trading. We also found the writing they used was Linear A, which is still undeciphered today.

Evans named the island Minoan Crete, or just Crete, after their king, Minos. And realized that the Minoans weren’t a very warlike country because the island didn’t have any fortifications or walls to protect itself.

We also discovered that their religious beliefs are rather unusual, as they worshipped mainly goddesses and took part in human or animal sacrifices.

Then in 1425 B.C., they were attacked by the Mycenaeans and were overthrown, and that ended the Minoan civilization, and that’s all we basically know about the Minoans.

Next is the Mycenaeans, they were in the last phase of the Bronze Age(1600-1100 B.C.) in Ancient Greece, we don’t know much about their cultures or lifestyles, but we do know they had heavy fortifications and weapons, which showed that they were a more aggressive and warlike people, unlike the Minoans. We also discovered that they were ruled independently, each city was ruled by their own king.

We also noticed that the Mycenaeans traded broadly, to Egypt and Italy. And the writing they used was Linear B which is originated from Linear A, but a bit different and this I believe is deciphered. They learned a lot from the Minoans, such as their buildings and arts were taken after the Minoans.

Then around 1200 B.C. their main castle, was overthrown by the Dorians who came from the North, and they survived for another 100 years, till 1100 B.C. the Mycenaean civilization broke and Greece entered the Greek Dark Ages.

I had really fun learning about these civilizations and was very interested, and hope you liked this essay.

How Does Harry Brown’s Approach to Selling Rely on the Principle of Service?

RonPaulCurriculum Business I Essay

Today’s essay will be about how “Harry Brown’s Approach to Selling Rely on the Principle of Service?”. Harry Brown believes to get better sales, you do what you can to please your customers, you give what your customer wants, make them happy and get the sale, which is what you want.

In this situation the one who has the money has the upper hand, which would be the buyer, you want to please your customers instead of wasting their time. To do this, Brown suggests to ask them questions, what are they looking for, what do they need. Then you listen to what they say and agree and/or give them pointers or suggest a better model of what they’re looking for.

But if just annoy them with something they don’t want, then they most likely won’t come back. But if you don’t have what they particularly want, then you can suggest a place where they can find what they want.

Although just giving what the customer he/she wants may be less money, but at least they’ll be satisfied and may come back and or may refer your place to another person, which can get you more sales.

I believe in this way of selling, mostly because I’ve experienced being annoyed by sellers who just want to sell their product even though I didn’t want it, it’s really annoying. Anyways, in conclusion, please your customers, don’t be pushy, instead be agreeable and helpful, and get a sale. I hope you liked this essay.

Hierarchy in Genesis 1-3

Ronpaulcurriculum Western Literature Essay

Before I start my essay, the definition of “hierarchy” is a “system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the according to status or authority.” And the Genesis is the first book in the Bible explaining the Hebrew version of how God created the universe, earth, animals, seas, etc.

God creates the Earth and Heaven, the day and night, and the plants and animals. Then he creates man out of dust and names him Adam. He gives Adam a task to name the animals in the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Eden was made for Adam to live in, and he does this.

God then realizes that Adam needs a companion, so He creates Eve, the first woman, from Adam’s rib. In the Garden of Eden, there is one tree, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and God says, you can have everything else in this garden, but not one fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And if they did, their punishment would be death.

So the story goes on, until one day a serpent tempted and tricked Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, so she goes and convinces Adam to also eat the fruit, and they did, and it gave them common sense. When God found out he banished them from the Garden, and also the serpent. And curses Adam with labor, which means he has to work with the sweat of his brow, and he cursed Eve with the pain of childbirth, and they have to work for their earnings.

In conclusion, God is the one on top, He is above everything else. In Genesis 1-3 it shows that God is at the top of the hierarchy, then underneath him is humans, and then the serpent.

Hebrew History

RonPaulCurriculum Western Civilization History Essay

For my first Western Civilization essay, it will be about the summary of the Hebrew history from Abraham to Moses.

Now Abraham is from the Mesopotamian city, Ur. Mesopotamia now in modern days is the country of Iraq. It wasn’t until one day, he got a call from God saying, to leave home and travel to the region of Canaan. And was given a divine promise saying that in generations later, he will be known as the founder of a powerful nation. So Abraham and his wife do this, and there they have a son Isaac, who is very loved. Then Abraham thinks he has to sacrifice his son Isaac to please God, but at the last minute, he is spared.

And so, Isaac grows up, and soon has to find a wife. He sets out and meets Rebekah. They get married and have two sons Jacob and Esau. Jacob was always jealous of Esau who was the oldest and had the benefits of being the eldest son. So one day Jacob tricks Esau to give up his heritage, and so Esau does this as a joke. And when Issac becomes old, he gives his blessings to the eldest son, Jacob, and when Esau heard of this, he threatens to kill Jacob. So their mother sends Jacob away.

Jacob sets out and stays with his uncle, who has two daughters, Leah and Rachel. Because of consequences he eventually marries both of them and has a total of 12 sons. Joseph was Jacob’s favorite, and Joseph’s brothers hated him for that, so they sold him to slavery.

Joseph ended up in Egypt and became a famous dream prophet and was favored by the Pharaoh. Because of this gift, the Pharaoh was able to prepare for a famine that was coming. And many Hebrews came to Egypt to escape the famine. But when Joseph and the Pharaoh died, situations became worse. The Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews and the new Pharaoh ordered all the Jewish baby boys to be killed.

This is when Moses comes in. Moses’s mother put him by the river, and surprisingly the Pharaoh’s daughter finds him and adopted Moses. So Moses grew up in the palace and was interested in the Hebrews, so often went to stop by and see the Hebrews. One day he kills an Egyptian supervisor because he was beating a slave, and had to flee.

Moses ended up fleeing for a time and worked as a shepherd. Until he gets a message from God saying to help his people and lead his people to the promised land, and he does this and now is remembered as the man who led the Hebrews to the Promised Land

I hope you liked this essay, there will be much more coming in the many weeks.

Last 8th Grade English Essay

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English Essay

So this is my last English essay for this grade, but I will be continuing posting for the next grade, 9th Grade.

So the topic is, “Why Posting My Essays on My Own Blog Site Every Week Will Benefit Me in the Long Run”. So two of my school subjects I take, history and English, recommends for everyone to post their essays on their blog. And the essays are usually weekly, so that’s almost 52 essays a year, and this is for one subject. And because I take two courses that recommend posting, that’s about 104 essays a year.

Well, there are many ways why posting essays on your blog weekly are good for you. First, for me, it helps me write well. By writing weekly/and or daily(if you’re really into it) it makes it easier to write papers/essays. My ideas “flow” out quicker, and I write my essays quicker, depending on the subject. Also when you post essays on your blog, you can get feedback from other people, and this also improves your writing little by little.

And because I’m homeschooled, posting my work on a blog, proves that I am doing my schoolwork. And also makes it easier for my parents/family to check on my schoolwork. And you can see how much you’ve progressed in so many years.

Posting essays on blogs can also be helpful in job interviews if they ask like what you’re good at or one of your hobbies. But it depends on what job you’re trying out for.

Colleges will also want to know why they should accept you in their university. And having a blog with lots of well-written essays will be rewarding in these situations. It shows that you write well, and comparing to public schools, I doubt they even keep their essays.

Another thing, writing weekly/and or daily, is always good practice. Writing is gonna be a useful skill when you’re an adult, or at least, that’s what my dad always says. But it’s a skill to keep up.

The advantage of writing in a blog instead of writing it on paper is the opportunity to share it with other people who are not your family. Because the internet has become handier and easy to use, a lot of people use it. And when people find your blog, they’ll get interested sometimes, and they’ll like, comment, share, etc.

And when you follow, like, comment other people’s work, they’ll get interested in yours, and you get more traffic that way. And more traffic means more people are reading and commenting and you can meet new people, and or get better in writing, because of feedback.

In conclusion, posting your schoolwork on your blog can help you write better. And sometimes get you in this university that you’ve been dying to go. You could just do it for fun, cause you enjoy it, or you’re doing it cause your parents are telling you to. Whatever the reason is, it’s a good thing.

I hope you liked this final essay, I will be continuing posting other essays, for my other grades. Please comment if they’re any mistakes

In His Steps pt. 3

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English Essay

So I finished the book In His Steps by Charles Sheldon. If you read my two other parts about this book here(1st part) and here(2nd part), then you should know what’s it about. If not then you should know, this book is about the town’s reverend, Reverend Maxwell, challenged his people to ask themselves “What Would Jesus Do?”, WWJD, before they make a decision.

So today’s topic for English is “How should church members have tried to find out what Jesus would have done in their situations?” Well, this is pretty tricky, cause, first of all, people have never met Jesus, so they don’t know him very well, but they do know him from books and other prophecies.

But they don’t know what he would actually do if he were in their situation. So I think this question WWJD is not worth following, cause whatever decision they make, they believe Jesus would do the same, but how do they know, they don’t. But they could’ve actually learned and understand Jesus from the Bible and other books if they really wanted to know WWJD.

So in conclusion, I wouldn’t follow the question, cause I’d just feel like I’d be wasting my time. But if people really wanted to know, they could’ve learn and read thoroughly all the books with Jesus, and learn what he would’ve done in a similar situation.

This is a short “essay”, this is my second to last English essay for this grade. I will post for the next grade, 9th Grade.