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Struggle of the Orders

RonPaulCurriculum Western Civilization Essay

“What specific changes occurred in Roman society as a result of the Struggle of the Orders?”. The Struggle of Orders was a political conflict around the time of 494 BC – 287 BC, it was between the Patricians and the Plebeians. The patricians were the wealthy and important ones, but less populated Rome. The plebeians, on the other hand, were poor, they were the farmers, merchants, soldiers, etc., but populated Rome. The plebeians couldn’t vote or hold a government office, and to be a patrician you had to be born to a patrician family, just because you married a patrician still doesn’t mean you were a patrician.

So this unfairness was taken too far, and the plebeians noticed they were the root of Rome and so they left and waited until the patricians gave in. Eventually, the patricians did actually give in, and ever since then the plebeians were also able to enjoy the riches, vote, and hold office in the government. And that was the end of the Struggle of Orders, or also known as the Conflict of the Orders.

I know this essay is a bit short, but I hoped you liked this essay, thanks for reading.