Grammar and Writing 7 “Short Story Summary” 1-29-15

Today I will write about my imaginative story.

Mrs.Rose the substitute teacher falls asleep during silent reading period and almost the whole classroom started being naughty and trashing the room. And Julia who always gets and A+ on every homework is worried that the whole classroom might get detention and she never had detention. Also Mike who is embarrassed right now because the sleeping substitute teacher is his Aunt! And is also afraid that Butch the bully might pick on him. And then school is out so everybody goes home without even waking up Mrs.Rose. Afterwards Mrs.Rose is woken by the janitor.


Grammar and Writing 7 “Chapter Summary” 1-28-15 Nancy Drew “The Mystery at Lilac Inn” Chapter 1 By Carolyn Keene

In this chapter Nancy and her friend Helen rowed their canoe to the Lilac Inn dock to see their friend Emily Willoughby who’s getting married to Dick Farnham(who Nancy never met before neither did Helen) her fiance and having a wedding also Nancy and Helen were to be her bridesmaid.  While rowing their canoe hit something hard that made the canoe flip and the girls were excellent swimmers and they made it up to land. Afterwards they flipped the canoe and paddled to the Lilac Inn dock. When they arrived their friend Emily was there to meet them, and beside her was a tall man and they thought he was her fiance Dick Farnham, but she introduced him as John McBride an old friend of Dick’s and he’s going to be Dick’s best man. At the end of this chapter Emily says to Nancy and Helen that the Inn is jinx.

Grammar and Writing 7 “Imaginative Story” 1/26/15

In April there was a small school called Stur Elementary School and in Room 5, the substitute teacher Mrs.Rose with dark hair and light skin color was relaxing while the students were doing their silent reading.

Then suddenly, Mrs.Rose fell asleep and Butch who was plump with dark hair and he was a also bully told his gang of naughtiness, “How long do you think we can be naughty until Mrs.Rose wakes up” and his gang said they could last forever, so then they started to throw paper airplanes, spitball, and started to arm wrestle.

But then, Julia with blond hair and light skin color was afraid that the whole classroom might be punished for the naughtiness, and she was most afraid of is detention for she has never had detention.

And of course, poor Mike with tanned skin and dark brown hair was embarrassed for the sleeping substitute teacher is his Aunt!

Soon, the bell rang and all the students went home without even waking up Mrs.Rose, and then the janitor was cleaning Room 5 and shook Mrs.Rose but still did not wake up so then the janitor got his wet broom and splashed Mrs.Rose and she woke up finding herself with the janitor and she said thank you to the janitor for waking her up or else she would of slept in the school the whole day.

And then, the next day the janitor told what happened last night to the principle then the principle said to himself that he won’t hire Mrs.Rose anymore and Mrs.Rose liked that and he also said he would hire someone else more strict. So then Butch won’t trash the room, Julia won’t be afraid of going to detention, and Mike won’t be embarrassed.

Then everything went perfectly when ever they needed a substitute teacher.

Grammar and Writing 7 “Descriptive Essay” 1/14/15

My older brother is 1 year older than me and is very fun and sometimes he can be violent when he’s very mad.

He has slightly dark skin, black hair, dark eyes, blackish eyebrows, and not too long eyelashes. He wears glasses and always wears his watch except when sleeping and showering.

His hobbies are playing Minecraft, Halo, Call of Duty(he doesn’t have Call of Duty but he played it before so he wants it), and all First Person gun games from Tom Clancy and Microsoft. His favorite board games are a game called Risk and Stratego.

So I’m telling you it’s not always nice to have a big brother but sometimes it is, because you get lonely when you got nobody to play with. Also, he has a blog if want to check it out:

Grammar and Writing 7 Expository Essay “How to Wash a Car”

There’s a million ways to wash a car, and it doesn’t matter how you do it, it only matters that your car is clean.

You first get your materials and make sure you wear old clothes not new fancy clothes just encase you get wet or dirty, also wear old shoes not fancy shoes. Then you get your materials like a bucket of soapy water, paper towels, and a hose.

Afterwards, you vacuum inside the car and throw away any garbage, shortly after that scrub the outside of the car clean including the windows with the materials you got (the bucket of soapy water, paper towels, and ect.)

Finally, you can dry the car with paper towels or with towels, or the car can dry with the sun, your choice.Not only, dry the car but also put away your materials.

Then, your car would be shiny and clean and you won’t need to clean your car until like next month or the next two weeks.

Grammar and Writing Lesson 7 Essay 1

Fireworks can be dangerous. Like you would probably go to the hospital if you get hurt really badly or get a burn mark.

 If you do not know how to use any firework properly you should really look it up on YouTube or some other place, or else you would get extremely hurt, and your parents might need to call an ambulance.

 Another thing is, if you’re pretty close to a firework your clothes might catch on fire or even worse you might be burn. And probably need to go to the hospital, or get new clothes.


Also, if you have those mini fireworks that when you pull a string on the bottom it shoots off, and you do not know how to use it, it might blow in your face. So those mini fireworks is still pretty dangerous even though they don’t look so dangerous.


As a result, never ever play around with fireworks or firecrackers because it’s dangerous.