In His Steps Pt. 2

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English Essay

This is “part 2” essay of the book In His Steps by Charles Sheldon, as I said in my previous essay. The newspaper company was almost bankrupt, because of the editor, Norman, decides not to publish content that was inappropriate. So they went bankrupt and was bailed out by Virginia. A woman from a rich family and friend of Rachel(the girl who sings for the church).

Now Virginia decides to something good and gives this failing newspaper company $500,000 to help them start back up again. Now for English, my assignment is to tell you, what should Virginia have done before giving Norman, the newspaper editor, $500,000.

Well, first of all, before she even hands in the money, she should’ve check and see if her family needed the money instead of giving it to someone else. If her family did need the money, and they didn’t have it, then they’re in some trouble.

Then after she checked with her family, she could’ve see what she’s investing in. I mean, the whole reason why the paper failed is that they didn’t publish interesting/important things that the town people wanted to read. And if you give money when you don’t know what they’re going to do with it, then that’s a bad idea.

In the book, after Virginia bailed out the company, Norman had a new idea. Instead of depending on subscriptions, like most newspaper companies, it’ll be based on donations. Now, I’m no businessman, but when you don’t have many subscribers, how would get donations. I mean, random people won’t just donate to a company they don’t know or like. And this newspaper was just bailed out, which means they didn’t have much or no subscribers at all.

Now, in conclusion, Virginia should’ve first check with her family, just incase they needed the money, then look into what she’s putting her money in. If I were her, I would want to know where my money’s going. And/or she could’ve just invested in something more useful, instead of a failing newspaper, but that’s her decision.

Overall, I hoped you liked this essay. Please comment if any mistakes.

In His Steps

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English Essay

So far, I’ve been reading a novel by Charles Sheldon, “In His Steps”. The book encourages the idea of the Social Gospel. Whoever takes part of this “Social Gospel” believes it is their duty to get rid of all the evil in the world like, poverty, inequality, crime, child labor, etc.

The book takes place in a town called Raymond, the Reverend, Henry Maxwell, is part of the Social Gospel. He challenges his people to ask themselves “What Would Jesus Do?” before they make decisions or take any actions.

When people started doing that, it just led them to make horrible decisions. Now my topic for English is, “Which aspect of the plot so far sounds most implausible?”

One example is one of the characters, Rachel Winslow. Rachel sings for the church and everybody loves her voice, and she is a very beautiful woman. Then a guy came up to her asking if she’d liked to go to a better job, who pays more. This, of course, is a once in a lifetime chance for her.

But when she asked herself, “What Would Jesus Do?”, she eventually turns down the offer because she felt guilty. She felt guilty of using her looks and her gift of singing and thought that Jesus wouldn’t take the advantage of his looks and ability to gain popularity.

This is very implausible and stupid, why would you turn down an offer of a lifetime. Nobody feels guilty because they’re pretty, and nobody should. Even if you’re rich or poor, you could be shy about it, but not guilty. If I were her, I would take the offer.

Another example is the town’s newspaper editor. When he asks himself “What Would Jesus Do?”, he stops publishing stuff that he thinks Jesus would not agree with. And he also stops publishing Sunday newspapers. And when he does that, his company almost goes bankrupt, because he has no content on his newspaper that people want to read.

This newspaper editor stops publishing popular content on his papers just because, a guy told him to ask himself “What Would Jesus Do?”. And he almost goes bankrupt, I mean how far do you want to go with this question. I mean you could try stop publishing content for a day, but he went too far with it.

In conclusion, I think the question “What Would Jesus Do?” is a very implausible question. It’s done nothing, but make people make bad decisions. The book itself is odd and the decisions that people make is unrealistic. But it’s interesting to read a new type of book every once in awhile.

1887 or 2000?

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English Essay

So I finished the book Looking Backwards by Edward Bellamy. This book is about Julian West, who goes to sleep in 1887, and dreams about waking up in the year 2000. And in this “dream”, he finds himself woken up by Dr. Leete.

Dr. Leete tells him about how in the year 2000, the government is run by socialists. And how everything is equal, how everybody gets equal pay, you only work for about 24 years, there are no poor or rich people, etc.

West spends 1-2 weeks in this “dream”, till he goes to sleep and his valet wakes him up back in the year 1887. So he thinks the year 2000 was just a dream. Back in his old hometown, he walks around and sees the difference of this century and the 21st century, and later goes out with some of his friends. And while they eat, he watches them laughing, having fun, wearing nice clothes, and dining in a decent restaurant. And tells them that they’re misusing their money, while there are people in the streets who are in need of food, money, clothes, etc.

Only spending one day in his old hometown, he goes back to sleep and wakes up back in the year 2000, and this is finally reality. And the dream in 1887 was just a dream.

Now my assignment is to write, which dream is more realistic? When he woke up in the year 2000 for the first time, or the second dream, when he woke up in 1887.

Well, the first dream, when he wakes up in the year 2000, he thinks it’s a dream. I’d think the same, you went to sleep in the year 1887 and woke in 2000, you went to sleep for 113 years, that’s impossible. So instead you think it’s a dream.

Then there’s the second dream, where he wakes up back in 1887. This dream seems more realistic to me, but they’re both pretty unrealistic, but if I had to choose, it’d be the second dream.

In the first dream, he spent so long in this dream that I totally forgot that he was even in a dream. He spent about 2 weeks in this “dream”, other than being told the differences of this century and the 19th century, he even fell in love, and it just made it seem it wasn’t a dream. So I just accepted the truth that he slept for 113 years, mostly cause it’s a fiction book, and anything can happen in a fiction book.

And in the second dream, he slept, woke up, looked around began to see the difference, and went back to sleep, and woke up in 2000. That seems more like a dream to me.

Anyways I hope you liked this essay, I recommend reading the book Looking Backwards by Edward Bellamy, it’s an interesting, but also a silly book. Some parts of the book are not explained well enough, well mostly because this is a utopian socialist book. It’s not my favorite book, but it is fairly interesting.

Benefits of a Blog

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English Essay

So for English, I have to write an essay about the benefits of a blog. Well, first blogs can be fun, you share your interests with other people and you can follow other people who share the same interests. And blogs can be a way of spending your free time when you have nothing else to do.

Blogs can show that you can write pretty well. Let’s say your employer asks you what your good points are, and you can say you write daily, remember you’re looking for a full-time job after college, so it won’t be somewhere like McDonalds or Starbucks, but instead a secretary, accountant, salesperson, etc.

Writing can be an advantage when you grow up. Most people don’t write much nowadays, I’m not talking about Facebook posts, but like real writing. When you write well, people enjoy it, you can even write a short story just for fun. Writing is especially important if you’re going to pursue in a job that involves any kind of writing, advertising, direct marketer, etc.

Writing also shows that you have creativity. It’s not every day you find something to write about, especially if you’re writing daily. I struggle with writer’s block, usually when I’m writing these essays. So I find it difficult to write about something every day, but if you can do it, then that’ll be a good advantage.

A blog also shows when you a passion for writing and when you have a passion for something, you go with it. Also writing is one of the important tools we all have to know. Good writing is something you should learn young and use it throughout your life. Even if your job doesn’t involve anything with writing, you should still learn the ways of writing.

You may think that writing on blogs is just a waste of time like you could do something else instead of writing, like studying or playing games. But writing can be fun, expressing your feelings or opinions on things, and you can just write on your down time.

And if you think that making a blog will be hard, it’s not, most places will let you make a simple blog for free, and should be easy to use. I use my blog for my school studies, mostly because I have to, but it’s enjoyable. I use WordPress, the free one, and it works just fine.

So in conclusion, writing in blogs can be a way to show your employer one of your key points you can do or something. Blogs are easy to build and are usually easy to use, and it can be fun when you have nothing to do. And I recommend you make one yourself just for fun.

Should You Go To College?

Should you go to college or not? I mean you could go to high school, and then start working and get on with life. But most people go to college to expand their world and experience new things.You don’t need to go to a college, but sometimes people just go to get the paper. Most jobs will ask if you a degree, but it’s not essential sometimes. But I believe that going to college can open up your view on things, and you never know who you’ll meet there.

It’s important to go to college if you’re going to major in medicine, engineering, coding, robotics, etc. To show that you have a piece of paper showing that you went to school to become a doctor, for example.

Sometimes people dream to go to Harvard or Princeton if they get accepted of course. I’m between the ages of 10-14, and my parents already decided that I go to college, mostly to get the piece of paper.

Sure college is expensive, but you can test out of college, so you don’t need to go all 4 years. My dad tested out half a year of college, so I think I’ll do that.

I don’t really know what I want to do when I grow up, so going to college and living a dorm is a good idea for me. If you already know what you want to do, for example, computer engineering, then go to a college who teaches that.

And if you don’t think you want to pursue with the college you’re at, then you could drop out. But I doubt you’ll get your money back, depending on how long you’ve been there. But this is if you’re really sure you don’t want to spend another 2-3 years in this college, cause you will lose your money.

Some people don’t go to college, after high school, they’ll start working full-time, and some people end up fine, and some not really.

College can be a good opportunity for you, and you can test out of college which is good, and if you really don’t like it, then you can drop out. But it’s a good idea, especially if you’re going to pursue a career, then yes, you should go to college.

Why Homeschooling

Homeschooling or public school, are you debating on which one you should do? Well, first homeschooling allows you to be more flexible on time, and you have more freedom.Homeschooling allows the student to have a broad subject on what he/she wants to learn(like coding, arts, music, basic engineering, etc.). As in public school, you don’t have much choice.

In homeschooling, you can advance in things you like to do. For example, you enjoy doing history, so you do two lessons a day, and then you finish that grade, and you can move on to other things.

In public school, there’s always that slow student, and you can’t advance because of him/her, and you’ll get bored. If you’re the slow one, usually you’d just fall behind and not able to catch up.
But in homeschooling then you’d be able to watch the lesson again, and actually, learn at your own pace.

Another thing, homeschooling can only take 4-5 hours, and you have the rest of the day free to do other things, like your hobbies or after school activities. Once I finish my schoolwork I play guitar and practice my piano, and I also have swimming after.

As in public school, you spend 7-8 hours a day just in school. Then you have homework after school and won’t have time late at night since you have to go to school early.

In public school, you learn whatever your teacher teaches you. Then you take tests, and if you get a good enough grade, then you don’t need to retake the test, and you forget. In homeschooling, you keep the information and actually learn.

In the system I use, there are 4 days of learning, and taking down notes, and on the fifth day, there’s a review and an essay to do. And I think that’s very effective.

If you’re afraid that you won’t make friends because you don’t go out and socialize. Well, there are programs for homeschoolers, for example, I go to a public speaking club, mostly because I don’t socialize much with kids my age or whatever. And I go to a swimming class/team and I get on with people just fine.

In conclusion, homeschooling is more beneficial, you have more time for other things, and have more freedom. And not just learn but also remember most things, and not what the government wants you to learn.

Intro Paragraphs

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English
For English, I just have to write an introduction paragraph to the question “Why is school necessary”

First, everybody has to go to school, but why? I mean, why can’t we just get on with life? Well, when you’re an adult and have a job, you at least have to know the basics of math and English, or you’ll be just the stupid person, and nobody wants to be that person.

School is necessary. If you grow up not knowing anything, then you won’t be successful and you won’t have the life you wanted. And knowing the basics of math, English, history, science, is essential.

Just imagine yourself in life, and don’t know simple things because you didn’t go to school. You may think it’s a waste of time, but when you grow up, it’ll be quite helpful. And you won’t regret it.