Marsilius of Padua/Catholic Church/Political Centralization in Spain

RonPaulCurriculum Western Civ Essay

“How were the ideas of Marsilius of Padua evident in Louis of Bavaria’s conflict with Pope John XXII?”

Marsilius of Padua believed that the monarch should be superior over the Papacy, and sided with Louis of Bavaria during his conflict with Pope John XXII. Let’s back up a bit to the conflict between Louis of Bavaria and Pope John XXII. Louis of Bavaria and Frederick of Austria were both qualified to be king, but Pope John XII wouldn’t choose one(the Popes’ back then chose the next king). So Louis and Frederick went to war with each other, resulting in the victory for Louis, but even then Pope John XXII wouldn’t enthrone him.

So Louis allied with Marsilius of Padua and together went to Rome. Marsilius of Padua believed that the Papacy should have nothing to do with politics and the monarch, and believed that the King should be in charge of the Church authority.

They even went as far as trying to get the people to crown him without getting the Pope’s consent. And he succeeded in being crowned by the people, but he taxed the people and Marsilius would torture the people who would refuse him. So people, of course, started growing weary and angry, and Louis realized this and retreated to Germany with Marsilius, where their opinions were more welcomed.

“What can we say about the condition of the Catholic Church on the eve of the Protestant Reformation?”

The Catholic Church was already facing many problems, to begin with. It was corrupt with greedy, ignorant, and unqualified clergymen, some even took a position just for the salary. Not only that, people were losing interest in religious practices, such as going to Mass and preaching to God. Instead, people would go and watch preachers, and things like astrology, death and praying to saints, were becoming popular among the people.

So the Church’s reputation was being tainted, and its condition wasn’t at its greatest. It was corrupted, the clergymen were unsuited for their position, and were greedy and ignorant.

“Discuss the three key developments in the process of political centralization in Spain”

The first key development, 1469, the two countries Castile and Aragon were reunited together by the marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile. The second key development is between the Spanish and the Muslims. You see the Muslims owned Granada who had to pay tribute to Castile yearly. But they suddenly stopped, because the Muslims didn’t want to pay them anymore, so Ferdinand and Isabella went to war with the Muslims to reconquer Granada. After a decade, they finally reconquered Granada.

The third final key development in the process of political centralization in Spain is the Spanish Inquisition. The Jews and the Muslims were to convert to Catholicism because they felt like it would centralize the country better, however it didn’t seem they were ‘sincere’ about the conversion. So the people who refused to convert were either expelled or their religious books would’ve been confiscated and burned.


“What is the most important skill that I can use in starting my business this year?”

RonPaulCurriculum Business I Essay

“What is the most important skill that I can use in starting my business this year?”

I’m almost at the end of this Business I course, it’s been a long year, and honestly, there is so much that I learned and improved on. Honestly, I was taught so much information on how to start a business, leads, getting clients, what your main focus should be, etc. I think one of the most important skills in starting a business is writing ads and persuading people to buy whatever you’re selling, so basically writing.

If you have the money, you start the business, but that isn’t usually how businesses kickoff, you have to be known, you gotta write ads, effective ads. Yellow Pages may not be as popular as it was during the 20th century, but you can use the internet, Google mainly. You can use something called Google AdWords, and you can write ads, but also do AB testing, where you can test two ads and see which is driving more traffic, which is a very effective method in advertising.

Another important skill I’ve acquired in this course is in the Dale Carnegie book, “How to Win Friends”. It basically shows you how to build business relationships, and seeing things in the customer’s point of view, and you’ll be able to open your eyes and hopefully provide good service. When people feel like they have connection, or support from you, they’ll trust you and feel more comfortable with you.

This is just the surface of what I’ve learned throughout this course, there are many other things I’ve learned and found interesting. Google AdWords is a very handy tool to improve your ads, and are able to test ads to see which are more effective. I feel like it’s a skill/tool I can use when doing business. And creating business relationships is another important skill, and improve customer relations.

If I pay for 100% of my college education, would I be better off if my parents will give me a college graduation present: half of the money they presently plan to pay for my college costs?

RonPaulCurriculum Business I Essay

“If I pay for 100% of my college education, would I be better off if my parents will give me a college graduation present: half of the money they presently plan to pay for my college costs?”

I’m not sure if I’m going to college, I probably am, but still haven’t decided I guess. It’s a really scary topic, usually, when you’re young you wanna have fun, but even when you’re young, the topic is still floating around in your head, and the more you put it off for later the more stressing it’ll be later. I’m only in my early teens and homeschooled, so I have a couple choices to choose, apprentice job, online college, CLEP exams, etc. Although my friends who go to school have to be careful of the choices they make from now on, cause it’ll affect on which colleges they’ll apply.

If I choose to go to college, I know I definitely don’t want to go for the full four years, cause that’s just nonesense, so I’m planning on taking CLEP exams to gain extra credits and hopefully test out of two years of college.

Of course, taking CLEP exams are also going to cost something, but not as much as four years of college. If I find a way to earn money, either a small business or a part-time job, I think I can definitely pay for my college.

It’ll totally be better off for my parents, I feel like they’ve already done a lot for me, fed me, bought me clothes, paid for camps, vacations, etc. So giving them half of the money they presently plan to pay for my college, they can use for whatever they want. And I can invest the other half in something like a business or apartment, I’m not sure yet.

Ideal Apprenticeship Job

RonPaulCurriculum Business I Essay

“The ideal apprenticeship job, and why?”

Apprenticeship job, hmm. Well, I still have no idea of what I want to do when I get older. A lot of adults still ask me, “Do you know what you wanna do in the future?” or “What’s your dream job?” and I always reply with the same answer, “I’m not sure yet, we’ll see”. I just hope that one day there’ll be something that takes my interest.

I think an apprenticeship job is something that everyone should do, especially if you know what path you wanna take, maybe a veterinarian or a chef. I think that you should learn from the best, and then once you think you could make it by yourself, start a little business, or something similar. It’s a great opportunity for everyone, to learn from both the person and experience and develop new skills that you can’t learn from the book.

So in conclusion, I can’t really answer this question fully, cause I still have no idea what I want to do, but it’s a great opportunity for everyone. Taking an apprenticeship job for the experience and trying something new.

Thanks for reading, I know it’s short, but thanks anyways.

How Important was the Doctrine of Hell?

RonPaulCurriculum Western Literature Essay

“How important was the doctrine of hell to the martyrs?”

What are martyrs? Martyrs are people who are killed because of their belief or religion. Polycarp, Perpetua, and Felicity are examples of martyrs, people who were killed because they refused to stop believing God. Their belief in the doctrine of hell made them fear Hell, the divine punishment of God, but it also made them believe that there must be a heaven. For them, no punishment on Earth was worse than being in Hell.

Now the story of Polycarp was that he refused to give sacrifices to the then-Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius. So he was to be executed, but Polycarp fled the city, and then was dragged back and was forced to give in to the Crown, but of course, he refused and was ordered to be burned alive. They nailed him to a board and when the flames reached him, it surprisingly surrounded him, leaving him unharmed, and this is when they stabbed him to death instead. And his blood poured out and put out the flames, and a white dove appeared.

Perpetua and Felicity are both martyrs, Perpetua believed in Christ and was due to be executed. Many times her father, who was not a believer, begged her to just stop, but Perpetua stood her ground and was sent into a dark dungeon. In there at first she felt horrible, but in time she accepted the fact that she was going to die, and just accepted her situation. Felicity, another martyr, was also due to be executed with her friends, but she was pregnant and wasn’t to be executed until she had birth. But Felicity wanted to go with her friends, so she prayed to God that she would have a premature birth, and her wish was granted.

Both of these women accepted the fact that they were going to be brutally murdered, and was in peace until the end. The doctrine of hell was pretty important, no matter what situation these followers believed in God till the end, cause no punishment was worse than God’s divine punishment.

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Differences of Zeus and Jesus

RonPaulCurriculum Western Literature Essay

“Compare the ethical behavior of Zeus with the ethical teaching of Jesus.”

If you compared the ethical behavior of Zeus and the ethical teachings of Jesus, you would see many differences. Zeus was the king of all Greek Gods, he was the God of thunder and the sky. He was part of a polytheistic religion, meaning a religion that believes in more than one God, so Zeus wasn’t the only God, but he was the king of all Gods.

Zeus was a very jealous God, if you questioned his power, then he would punish you, he wouldn’t show any mercy, Jesus, on the other hand, said all sin is forgivable, as long as you pay for it, like doing good acts, repent, or saying prayers.

Zeus also committed adultery, being a married person he had many many affairs, he also abused his powers, he would banish both people and other gods. Jesus is the total opposite, Jesus didn’t care for becoming the highest authority or being feared, he just wanted to spread Christianity and it’s meaning.

As you see, Zeus acted not in the best way, he didn’t care for much, he didn’t show mercy, and you should never get on his bad side. He didn’t care for rules, he did whatever he wanted, and was very unpredictable. Jesus on the other hand, healed people, and showed them the right way, and told them if they ever sinned, they would always be forgiven. So in conclusion, Zeus was a jealous, short-tempered, god, and Jesus loved the people, died for them, and healed them. You could see the many differences between these two.

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Misconceptions About the Crusades

RonPaulCurriculum Western Civilization Essay

“What are some common misconceptions about the Crusades, and why are they incorrect?”

There are actually a couple of misconceptions about the Crusades that aren’t true. Well for one, they are thought of being greedy and wanted the Muslims to convert by force and get riches. This is not true, their reason was to take back the holy land that was inhabited by the Muslims. And the crusaders were not rich, they were actually dirt poor, they didn’t have any money or much food. And used their money to fund the crusades, so no they were not greedy, just taking back what was once theirs, and no they were not getting rich from the crusades.

It was the Muslims who owned ⅔ of the Christian land, and then crusaders attacked them and conquered back their land. And people think that the Crusaders forced the Muslims that they captured to force them to switch their religion, but this is false, they let the Muslims in peace and didn’t bother them with their religion.

These are some misconceptions about the Crusaders that people get wrong, the Crusaders were wealthy in the beginning, but to fund the Crusades, that led them to poverty. The reason they attacked, was because they wanted their land back, and no they didn’t force the Muslims to switch religions, they were indifferent to it and didn’t really care.

“Based on the different versions of Pope Urban II’s speech, discuss the main themes in the Pope’s remarks”

The purpose of Pope Urban II’s speech was to convince people to join the crusades. Basically, he told them it was a penance and will save their souls. The Muslims were “ungodly” and they needed to take back Jerusalem, the holy land. And that they will be rewarded for their hardships in the Crusades.

His speech convinced many people, including the Franks to join together and take back Jerusalem.

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