Benefits of a Blog

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English Essay

So for English, I have to write an essay about the benefits of a blog. Well, first blogs can be fun, you share your interests with other people and you can follow other people who share the same interests. And blogs can be a way of spending your free time when you have nothing else to do.

Blogs can show that you can write pretty well. Let’s say your employer asks you what your good points are, and you can say you write daily, remember you’re looking for a full-time job after college, so it won’t be somewhere like McDonalds or Starbucks, but instead a secretary, accountant, salesperson, etc.

Writing can be an advantage when you grow up. Most people don’t write much nowadays, I’m not talking about Facebook posts, but like real writing. When you write well, people enjoy it, you can even write a short story just for fun. Writing is especially important if you’re going to pursue in a job that involves any kind of writing, advertising, direct marketer, etc.

Writing also shows that you have creativity. It’s not every day you find something to write about, especially if you’re writing daily. I struggle with writer’s block, usually when I’m writing these essays. So I find it difficult to write about something every day, but if you can do it, then that’ll be a good advantage.

A blog also shows when you a passion for writing and when you have a passion for something, you go with it. Also writing is one of the important tools we all have to know. Good writing is something you should learn young and use it throughout your life. Even if your job doesn’t involve anything with writing, you should still learn the ways of writing.

You may think that writing on blogs is just a waste of time like you could do something else instead of writing, like studying or playing games. But writing can be fun, expressing your feelings or opinions on things, and you can just write on your down time.

And if you think that making a blog will be hard, it’s not, most places will let you make a simple blog for free, and should be easy to use. I use my blog for my school studies, mostly because I have to, but it’s enjoyable. I use WordPress, the free one, and it works just fine.

So in conclusion, writing in blogs can be a way to show your employer one of your key points you can do or something. Blogs are easy to build and are usually easy to use, and it can be fun when you have nothing to do. And I recommend you make one yourself just for fun.


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