Intro Paragraphs

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English
For English, I just have to write an introduction paragraph to the question “Why is school necessary”

First, everybody has to go to school, but why? I mean, why can’t we just get on with life? Well, when you’re an adult and have a job, you at least have to know the basics of math and English, or you’ll be just the stupid person, and nobody wants to be that person.

School is necessary. If you grow up not knowing anything, then you won’t be successful and you won’t have the life you wanted. And knowing the basics of math, English, history, science, is essential.

Just imagine yourself in life, and don’t know simple things because you didn’t go to school. You may think it’s a waste of time, but when you grow up, it’ll be quite helpful. And you won’t regret it.


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