President Carter

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

The 39th President of the United States, James Earl Carter Jr., usually known as Jimmy Carter, born in Georgia, 1924. His family was very religious, his mother worked as a nurse in a hospital, his father was successful in farming the business.
President Carter
He grew up in a very segregated area in Georgia, which will affect his presidency in the future. But he still made friends with the children in the area and the workers in his father’s farm.
His family’s farm was going down during the Great Depression, but they made it through in the end.
His wish was to attend Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, although he had to go to other classes in Georgia, to be able to be accepted in the Naval Academy. In 1943, he was finally accepted, he was almost rejected because of his slim figure of his.
He was a good student in the Academy, and graduated in 1946. He returned home to Georgia, and married his childhood friend, Rosalynn Smith, in the same year, together they had 4 children.
Rosalynn Carter(née Smith)
Carter worked on his father’s farm, and became a well-known figure in the public, and even became the president of a school board. In 1962, he was nominated to be the Senator of Georgia, and won, and then was re-elected in 1964.
Then in 1970, instead he ran for Governor of Georgia, and won. He focused on ending racial segregation, which was a surprise for his followers, who were Democratic, fyi. He then prepared for the 1976 presidential election, he had little chance, mostly because he wasn’t really recognized by the rest of the country.
But actually he won against Gerald Ford, with the votes in the electoral college 297-240. He’s the first president from the Deep South, since President James Polk in 1848.
While serving as president, he did quite a lot of things. He added two new Cabinets, the Department of Energy and Department of Education. Returned the Panama Canal back to Panama.
He also continued the “Strategic Arms Limitation Talks” with the Soviet Union(U.S.S.R.), these talks were about both countries discussing in putting down their weapons. The Cold War was actually re-escalated after the attack in Afghanistan, and it was an unpopular move.
One of the most remembered things during his presidency, was the Iran Hostage Crisis, lasting from 1979-81. When Iranian students captured the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. 52 American diplomats and citizens held hostage for 444 days in Iran.
Iran Hostage Crisis
But when Ronald Reagan came into office in January 20, 1981, the crisis immediately ended. Although President Carter’s was popular in his early days, by the time of the next presidential election, he lost to Ronald Reagan.
Jimmy Carter then moved on to aiming World Peace, in 2002, he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, “for his decades of untiring effort to find peace solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development.”
Carter is still around today, as of 2017, and is still married to Rosalynn Carter, who is also still alive. He organized the Carter Center, with his wife Rosalynn, where they promote human rights causes.
I hope you liked this essay about the 39th President James(Jimmy) Carter.

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