Korean War

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

So after World War II in 1945, Korea had their own problems during the 1950s. Before I talk about the Korean War, United Nation(U.N.) was a big part during this war.

The United Nations(U.N.) was an intergovernmental organization, organized on October 24, 1945. It was made to replace the League of Nations, that wasn’t working very well. When the U.N. first started, it had only 51 countries as members, now it has 193 countries, where each countries will fund it to keep it running.

So back to Korea. Korea was under the Japanese rule for a long time, till the end of World War II, where the Allied Forces freed them, but part of this liberation, both the Soviet Union and the American forces entered the country.

But because Korea was controlled by the Japanese for so long, they didn’t really have a government to go back to. So the U.N. decided to temporarily divide the country with the 38th parallel, a latitude line, just until the country gets better.

38th parallel line

Well, the two sides had a vote on what kind of government they should run. And both sides had very different opinions, and they couldn’t work together. South Korea wanted a democratic government and North Korea favored Communism.

So when 1950 came around, North Korea, who was supported by the Soviet Union and China, attacked South Korea, hoping the reunite the country. After this attack, the U.N. interfered with this problem, so they started sending supplies and troops.

And because the United States was the strongest country in the U.N. it provided 80% of all the aid.

Just in 3 months after the attack, the North Koreans were able to push the South Koreans to a small land called Pusan. They were almost pushed off their land, until U.S. General Douglas MacArthur had this plan called the Inchon Landing.

His plan was to lead a land/water invasion into the city Inchon, right under the 38th parallel, and this invasion cut off all supply lines to North Korea, and totally changed the way of battle.

During the next months, it’s just been back and forth with the territories, and not really accomplishing anything. Then they were aerial fights, in the Korean war, it was the first time they used jets in battle.

North Korea was backed up by China, while South Korea was helped by the United Nations, and nothing happened for awhile, just small battles. Till they agreed on a ceasefire on July in 1953, but no treaty was ever signed.

Now South Korea is now a well-working country, they are the world’s sixth leading global city, with the fourth largest economy, and seventh most sustainable city in the world. So yeah, South Korea been doing really good.

While North Korea, on the other hand, stayed with a communist government, and has not developed technologically, and holds no relations to other countries. Since the Korean War, they have not been doing very well.

Well, I hope you liked this essay, it’s really sad what war can result to, although some may be good, but the lives lost cannot be repaid.


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