Poisonous Arthropods

RonPaulCurriculum 10th Grade Biology Essay

So for today’s biology question is if “Poisonous arthropod can provide benefits to human beings” and I think yes, some arthropods may be poisonous to us, but others can actually help us.

First to clear things up, arthropods are invertebrate animals, which means, they have no backbone, instead they have an exoskeleton. And the Arthropoda phylum includes insects, myriapods, arachnids, and crustaceans.

Now to the main topic, venom, scorpion venoms. There are about over 17,000 species of scorpions. And only about 25 have venom that are fatal to us, and adults and healthy teenagers are able to survive if stung. But a child or a sick person, might not be able to survive.

But not all venom are that fatal, some can be useful, for example, the Deathstalker(Leiurus quinquestriatus) scorpion, a dangerous scorpion, it’s venom can actually treat tumor, especially brain tumor. This venom can actually be of medical use, and made to treat cancer.

It also has venom that has enzyme inhibitors that can attack viruses, germs, microbes, etc. but it won’t attack human cells, because we don’t have those enzymes inside the cells.

Other venoms can be taken and turn into anti-venom. And if you’re stung by a certain arthropod, then you’ll be injected by the anti-venom of that arthropod, and it’ll make it better.

So in conclusion, poisonous venom can be turn into anti-venom, that can prevent the venom, and some poisonous arthropod can actually be of medical use and save people.

I hope you enjoyed reading this essay, thank you.


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