President Harding & Coolidge

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

Today I’ll talk about two very different U.S. Presidents, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. Warren Harding was known for nothing really, mostly for scandals, like the Teapot Dome Scandal. Calvin Coolidge was a good president, he cut taxes, didn’t expand the government, and was praised by President Ronald Reagan.

Warren Harding was born in 1865 in Ohio. His father didn’t have a permanent job, till he settled in newspaper, and started the Argus. Harding attended Ohio Central College graduated with a bachelor’s degree at 17, he and some friends bought the Marion Daily Star that was going out of business. He changed the Marion Daily Star and it became quite successful.

At first Harding didn’t care for politics, till he got married, and his wife suggested it. So he tried it and got a seat as Ohio State Senate. As Senate, he was rumored to be involved in scandals, but his reputation was didn’t change.

He was nominated to serve as the Republican candidate in the presidential election of 1920. He ran against a democrat who, by coincidence, was also a newspaper publisher from Ohio. Harding won the election, and gave his friends the seats as Cabinet members, he did take on important people, but it was mostly his friends.

During his presidency, one of the biggest political scandal happened, the Teapot Dome Scandal, when one of his Cabinet member was accused of stealing government property and selling it to business, and kept the money. Harding on the other hand even as president was blackmailed.

Only two years as president, he had a big heart attack and died in 1923. Harding, I’ll say, is one of the worst president and isn’t really known for anything, other than scandals.

After Harding’s death, Calvin Coolidge replaced him as president, and I think Coolidge was a better president than Harding.

Calvin Coolidge born on Independence Day in 1872 in Vermont. Then moved to Massachusetts and attended Amherst College. He graduated, and he did something different, he learned law from a local law company, instead of going to school.

He then opened his own company in 1898, and he did really good. He had a good reputation, he was truthful, and popular with businesses and banks.

He eventually became governor of Massachusetts. While serving as governor, he had to take care of the Boston Police Strike in 1919. This gave him national recognition, and was picked to be Vice President with Warren Harding as President.

As Vice President, Harding wanted Coolidge to go to Cabinet meetings, and this was the first time a Vice President attended a Cabinet meeting.

Coolidge was a great speaker and debater during speeches and debates, but didn’t talk much in general, which gave him the nickname “Silent Cal”.

When Harding died, he became president, and he chose the right choices, the White House trusted him, and became very popular. He was re-elected for his second term, in 1925 and left office in 1929 right when the Great Depression was starting.

Coolidge was a good president, he didn’t bail out banks who made bad decisions, cut taxes, did a better job than Harding, but it’s said that his decisions may have led to the Great Depression in 1929.

These two presidents are two very different. Warren Harding didn’t really leave a legacy and do anything good during his presidency, Coolidge was a good one, but is said to have started the Great Depression. I don’t know if that’s true or not. But I hope you enjoyed this essay of the 29th and 30th Presidents of the United States.


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