RonPaulCurriculum 10th Grade Biology Essay

So today’s question for science is “ If someone says, “Soil is just dirt to hold the plant up.” Would you agree or disagree with this statement?”. If you think dirt is just to hold up the plant, well, I’d disagree. The soil has minerals, water, nutrients, that the roots take up to the plant, and keeps the plant healthy.

The soil consists of layers, which are called “horizons” above bedrock, and the one we use most is the topsoil, which you can guess, is the soil on top. It’s important because, the plant roots will grow down and the topsoil should have all the nutrients to let the plant to grow.

The topsoil contains of humus, mineral particles, organic, and inorganic minerals/organisms. Humus is basically what’s left of dead organisms or waste products of organisms, it also keeps moisture while allowing air to reach the roots.

But sometimes, there wouldn’t be enough minerals in the soil to keep the plant healthy, and this is called “mineral deficiency”. You could notice a mineral deficiency when the plant leaves turn yellow, and it starts to wilts.

To fix a mineral deficiency, you could use fertilizer. You can either use chemicals or organic fertilizer. The difference is that, chemicals will start right away, but it doesn’t last long. But with organic fertilizer, it takes longer to start acting up, but it lasts longer.

So in conclusion, soil or dirt, is not just there to hold up the plant, it has minerals that the plant needs, and is very important.


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