So today’s question is if it’s better to care deeply about something or to remain emotionally detached?

Well, when you care for something you do, you’ll want to do more of it and practice and get better. For example, my mom, right now she works as a dental technician, before she never knew about until someone introduced it to her. So she tried a little and she wanted to do more, so she took the time and went to school, studied, learned, and passed, and now she really likes doing it and she wants to expand more on it. So I believe caring for something deeply will make you determined to learn more about it, and maybe you can make an impact on someone else’s life.

But, I guess, caring deeply about something can also cloud your judgment. Let’s say, you believe this “something” can change the way we live, and you think it’s a good thing, but other people think otherwise, this is just opinions, of course. But the way you “care” for it “clouds your judgment” and I think it’s better to keep an open mind about everything.

I’m not really sure the meaning of “emotionally detached” but I see as, not to care for something. It’s fine not to care for something you don’t like, I mean everyone has different opinions of things. If you like doing “something” then you should go for it, learn more about it, study about it, and do more of it. But if you dislike it, then why are you even doing it, unless it’s required then, yeah. But not to care for something is fine, if you’re in an argument, and you don’t really care about the topic…… did you even get into the argument.

So in conclusion, if you like doing something, do more of it. In arguments, I think it’s better to keep an open-mind just incase, and not caring for something or being “emotionally detached” is be fine.


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