Slowing Down Seed Germination

So today’s biology question is “On the path from pollination to germination, there are many things that will slow down or delay the reproduction of a plant. Describe two or more of these delaying factors, and explain how each could actually be helpful to the plant species”
So there is a lot of things that could stop or slow down germination of a seed. For instances, seasons could be a problem, if the seed was dropped in the winter, then it would freeze up, not letting it germinate. but then after, the seed will thaw and it will grow when spring comes.
Another problem for example, a seed is dropped in a rainforest. As you know a seed needs sunlight, but if there’s tall trees and bushes covering the seed, then it’ll be hard for sunlight and rain to reach it.
Then there’s the nutrients in the soil, if there is a lot of plants around, then there probably won’t be enough nutrients for the seed. Since it will most likely be absorbed by other plants
This is just some examples, there are many others of course, like crowding. When there are 2 seed close to each other, and they will be “competing” for nutrients etc.

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