The Industrial Revolution

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

Today I will be talking about some popular inventions during the late 18th century – early/mid 19th century. This time is usually called the Industrial Revolution, it has nothing to do with the army, like the French Revolution, its culture wise, it started around 1760s till the 1820s-1840s.

So in 1793, the Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney. Which made it easier and much faster to take out the seeds from the cotton balls, without it, slaves would have to do by hand which would take forever.

Then in 1804, the locomotive was invented by Richard Trevithick, this changed the way of travel, it made it a lot faster to travel, instead of using wagons. So using steam to power a train was a genius idea and changed the way we traveled until cars was invented later on.

In 1807, the steamboat was invented by Robert Fulton, this made it the first time for ships to move without human effort or the wind.

Next is electromagnetic induction, founded by Michael Faraday in 1831. He found out that you could make electricity using a magnet. Back then it was a big thing, since they didn’t use electricity at all.

Next is morse code, invented in 1838 by Samuel Morse. We still use morse code today and it is very useful. I’ve always wanted to learn morse code, if you don’t know what morse code is, it’s a way of “texting” but using dots and dashes. For example, let’s say you want to say SOS(it’s a common one): “ · · ·  — — —  · · · ”. Each letter and number has either a dot or dash, a “S” is: “· · ·” and an “O” is: “— — —”, you would tap a “letter” into a telegraph and it would send through the wire as a “deet”(dot) “deeeet”(dash).



Before Morse invented the morse code, he was on a trip to Washington D.C., and his wife died, but he didn’t hear about till later, because the news was really slow back then, and he didn’t hear about it till after her death and after she was buried. So he wanted to invent something that could make communication much faster, and he invented morse code.

Next is the steam hammer, it’s basically a huge hammer that is powered by steam, which makes it much stronger. It was usually used to shape piles, which is columns that support buildings. The design was made James Watt, but it was built by James Nasmyth in 1849.


(Steam hammer)

Now the inventions took a “break” cause the next invention wasn’t until 1876, when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Back then the telephone could only make phone calls, instead of now where we have smartphones, texting, etc. The telephone was really popular, because it was faster than the telegraph.

The last but not least, is the light bulb, you probably know about it, it was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879, he made the first ever working light bulb. Edison made a lot of other inventions, but the light bulb was his most famous one, cause now we all use light bulbs, and is very useful.

All these inventions help shape America to what it is now, my favorite out of all of these inventions will have to be morse code, I just like the concept of it and want to at least learn the alphabet a bit. But all of these inventions are all very useful.


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