John Quincy Adams


RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

Today I will be talking about the United States 6th President, President John Quincy Adams. You probably guessed already, and yes, John Q. Adams is the son of the 2nd President John Adams, and was the first son of a president to become president.

John Quincy Adams was born in Braintree, Massachusetts on 1767. He didn’t really go to a school, but was tutored by his cousin and his father’s law clerk. At the age of 11, he accompanied with his father to multiple trips to Europe. While traveling, he was able to learn a lot of things, and learned a bunch of languages, and even attended Leiden University in the Netherlands.

John Quincy also accompanied Francis Dana to Russia, visited Finland, Sweden, and Denmark and became very fluent in most languages. He returned to America, and then attended Harvard, and in 1787 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree, then in 1790 with a Master of Arts degree.

He then wrote some articles defending Washington’s decision of not going to war with Europe, after this, he was soon appointed to be ambassador of the Netherlands by Washington at the age of only 26. He wasn’t really interested, but his father pushed him, so he accepted anyways. During his trip he met his wife, Louisa Catherine Johnson.

After the Netherlands, Washington then appointed him minister of Portugal in 1796. Then during James Monroe’s presidency, John Quincy was appointed Secretary of State. Back then it was pretty common that the Secretary of State to become the next president, so in the election of 1825 he ran for president.

He was running against General Andrew Jackson, and it was a three-way tie, so the House of Representative had to vote, John Quincy eventually won and Andrew Jackson was really mad, he actually spent the next 4 years getting ready to beat John Quincy in the next election, and he did win.

During John Quincy’s presidency he wanted to make more progress inside America, so he paid for road-buildings, canal-buildings, and he supported the Native Indians in their claim lands.

In the next election of 1829, Andrew Jackson won, making John Quincy the second president to only serve one term. Only the following year he was appointed to the House of Representative by the Plymouth district in 1830. He worked in Congress for the next 17 years of his life, while there he did supported, not wanting any involvement with the War of Mexico and wanted to repeal slavery.

John Quincy died in 1848 by an awful stroke while he was still in Congress.

Although John Quincy only served one term as president, he was a good one, and he supported in what he believed in. He worked as a diplomat and a congressman and was respected for that.


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