RonPaulCurriculum 10th Grade Biology Essay

Biotechnology has been around for many years just never thought about it. It involves using living systems to make or produce products.

We’ve been using biotechnology for years, some examples are the making of bread, wine, and cheese, it involves fermentation which is a type of biotechnology. Also animal breeding is a type of biotechnology, instead of crossbreeding, since it takes too long, biotechnology makes changes to be made quickly, on a molecular level through the deletion of genes, or adding foreign genes.

People also found out that if you pick out the seeds from the, let’s say, juiciest fruit, it’s offspring would be the same. More recent times, we’ve discovered a lot more about biotechnology than before, we found out antibiotics, vaccines, etc.

Biotechnology involves science and engineering. Science finding the laws and principles from experiments and observations. Engineering is creating a specific outcome based on the laws and principles. So basically, science is looking for the reason and why it happens, and engineering is looking for the effect and how we can make it happen or not happen.

Biotechnology has been very useful the past thousands of years.


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