Which gives us makes us more happiness the pursuit of our desires or the attainment?

So today’s question is, “What gives us more pleasure and satisfaction: the pursuit of our desires or the attainment of them”, the way I see it is, what makes us more happy, chasing our dreams or achieving it. Well, I say both, I can’t really decide which one gets us more happy.

For example, let’s say your desire is to become a great guitar player and become famous. Well, of course you’re happy, you’re following your dreams, and also while doing it you’re having fun, because playing guitar is something you love to do and it’s something you want to do for a long time.

Let’s say you reached your goal of becoming a great guitar player, of course you’re really happy, you just achieved your long-term goal, you celebrate it with party or a drink, this goes on for a day or so, but that’s it.

I think that’s it’ll be more fun if you’re pursuing your goal, if it’s a long-term goal, than achieving it, this is my opinion, of course. This is only an example of a long-term goal.

Let’s say you want to pass this test that will get you into this high-class college, as a short-term goal. So you’re studying for hours, day and night, of course this ain’t fun, but you really want to get into this college. So after all the studying, the hard work actually paid off, and you were accepted. You get really excited, you celebrate with a small party or just a celebration. And this, is more fun than studying, of course.

So to me it depends what your goal is, or what you desire. So for a long-term goal, I think the  pursuit of your desires gives you more pleasure and satisfaction, but on the other hand, I think when you achieve a short-term goal, it gives you more pleasure and satisfaction


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