RonPaulCurriculum 10th Grade Biology Essay

  1. Joking aside, why are men far more likely than women to be colorblind?

So you may not know it, but men are more likely to be color blind than women. The 3 common types of inherited color blindness is monochromacy, dichromacy, and anomalous trichromacy.

The gene that causes the color blindness is the X chromosomes, and women has two X chromosomes, while men have a X and a Y chromosome. If one of the females X chromosomes has a color blindness trait, the other X chromosome will likely not have it. Since color blindness is a recessive trait, the X chromosome without it, is the one that will be passed down.

But if a female who is a carrier marries a colorblind male, and if they have a daughter, the daughter will have to inherit the X chromosome from her mother, it is a 50% chance. Since women have two X chromosomes, and men have one X chromosome, and if that X has the trait, he will most likely be colorblind.


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