Apple Pie

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English Essay

Topic: Apple pie has long been considered the most American dessert. Why do you think this is? Do you think this is still accurate? What would you choose as the most American dessert?

Why has apple pie been the most American dessert? Well, come one, most families eat apple pie on holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is quite popular around that time, and it’s been like a long tradition. Everyone had at least eaten apple pie once in their lifetime.

Around the 14th century, they’d make pastries called “coffins” and without sugar. And wasn’t even meant to be eaten! They did have sugar back then, but it was very expensive and scarce. Back then the crusts of the pie were not meant to be eaten, only meant to hold the filling while it was baking. The crust is the best part! Also back then, the pies were usually not filled with fruits, but with some kind of meat, and with some spices. The Romans would also make these pies, and they would eat them with seafood sometimes.

Apple pie is not really an “American” thing, it actually came from Europe. Well apple seeds were brought to America by the British, Dutch, and Swedish during the 17th-18th centuries, and since then we still make apple pies. Apple pie is best with whipped cream or ice cream on top, or with cheese, though I haven’t tried it with cheese yet. So apple pie is not an “American” thing, but I’d call it the most American dessert.

During World War II, every time reporter asked why they were going to war, they would reply with “for Mom and apple pie”. And back when Jack Holden and Frances Kay sang a song of the differences of American culture and the Russian Bear of the Soviet Union:

“We love our baseball and apple pie

We love our county fair

We’ll keep Old Glory waving high

There’s no place here for a bear”

And I didn’t know we even said this, but some people would say “as American as apple pie” I never heard anyone say this before, but it seems like we did.

I would choose apple pie as the most American dessert, also because I like and it’s really good. My brother, on the other hand, loves anything with apple, apple, apple pie, apple cider, etc.


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