Seven Years’ War

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

In the United States, they call it the French and Indian War, in Britain and Europe, they call the Seven Years’ War, and in France, La guerre de la Conquête, the War of the Conquest.  

The Seven Year’s war was against England, Hanover, Prussia, and Portugal v.s. France, Austria, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Saxony.

What started the Seven Years’ War was the small battles including, The Battle of Jumonville Glen, the Battle of Fort Necessity, and the Battle of Monongahela, which made tension between the British and French.

The war wasn’t official until 1756, the French took over a British Island, Minorca, and the British couldn’t help in time and had to surrender to the French(which kinda started the war). Prussia took sides with the British, instead of waiting for someone to attack them, during that time, Prussia had the strongest land army, and took over Saxony and made them join the Prussian army, strengthening the Prussias army.

This made Russia and Austria mad and join the war. Hanover’s army was with Prussia and Britain and was able to counteract France for most of the war, and kept the French from fighting with Prussia. Austria and Russia beat back the Prussians for a couple of years.

In 1760, Sweden, Portugal, and Spain joined the war. Portugal and Spain fought in the war, but nothing really changed. Sweden was fighting with Russia against Prussia, until they arranged a treaty in 1762.

Not until 1759, the British didn’t really play a big part. Their navy army was strong, but land army was ok.

In 1759, it was called Annus Mirabilis, Year of Miracles, they had this line of victories including capturing several important French forts in North America. They were able to take over New France, Florida, several Caribbean islands, India, and Senegal during the last few years of the war.

This made the British to the point of the strongest country in the world. And already having a strong navy, they defeated the French fleets and became “kings” of the sea.

1762, the Prussians were almost defeated, but the Russian Empress died, so they needed a new Emperor and didn’t want to be in war, so they made the Treaty of St. Petersburg leaving Austria to fight with Prussia.

But the British were tired of the war and threatened Prussia to make a treaty or they would withdraw all their help. So they made the Treaty of Paris in 1763.

The Treaty of Paris returned Europe to status quo ante bellum, meaning that they were all “returned to their existing state as they were, before the war began” so all the fighting was practically for nothing. So Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Prussia, France, Sweden, Austria, Russia, and Saxony was returned to their original state.

Prussia was weakened and didn’t have the strongest land army anymore, and Britain grew stronger and became the strongest fighting force in the world.


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