Why is water necessary in life?

RonPaulCurriculum 10th Grade Biology Essay

You’re probably thinking, why is water that important. Well, water is super important and here’s why.

Water does a good job cleaning off bacteria or germs in your body and keeps you hydrated(which keeps you alive). Your blood contains water and has a job to move essential molecules and other particles around the body, without it you would die. Your body uses water in your cells, organs, tissues to maintain body temperature and other functions, so basically 96% of your whole body is made up of water, pretty cool right.

Here’s a little bit about water.

Water is also known scientifically as, H2O, probably heard of it before, it means it has two Hydrogen molecules and one Oxygen. Some emergent properties of water is that it is able to stick to itself and other things, also known as adhesion and cohesion. If anything stick to itself it’s, cohesion, and if it sticks to other surfaces it’s, adhesion. It is also able to absorb heat, which is called a universal solvent.


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