RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English Essay

Today I’m supposed to use the mind maps we did during the week, and use one of them to write an essay. My choices were either my home, myself, or my favorite sport or game, so I chose myself.

So let’s start off with my hobbies. I love playing music, including guitar and piano. I’ve been playing guitar for about a year and a half, I haven’t been serious about piano lately, so my mom wants me to take piano lessons. I love listening to music, I can listen to pretty much anything, although I don’t really like listening to classical music, I would rather play it.

I’ve been recently really interested with Greek mythology, like Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, Athene, Ares, etc. I could go on forever just talking about them, just don’t know who to talk to. Most of my family don’t really know about it, just my mom, dad, and brother.

I took Wing Chun, a chinese martial arts, for a long time, but we stopped around last year. My dad started going before I was born, but he took a break when me and my brother was born. Then when we were old enough, he signed us up for the kids class. I enjoyed it, we kept in touch with our friends in the beginning, but now rarely.

I used to take soccer class, I wasn’t a pro but I liked playing soccer.

I also used to take crossfit, a type of exercise/fitness. My parents started going first till they organized a kids class. We went for a year or so.

Next I will be talking about my family, I only have one older sibling, my brother, we get along and we don’t. You see, there are days when we get along and don’t argue, which is rarely. We at least have one argument a day, most of the time it’s about something stupid. The arguments are usually small, and we rarely have big ones.

My mom and dad are both hard-working people, my dad does copywriting and used to work from home, but now he goes to work, so me and my brother are home with my grandpa. My mom works as a dental technician and works a little far from home. They both come home around 7:30 so when they come home, my grandpa would have dinner ready, and we’ve already eaten.

Next is my friends. I only went to school till 2nd grade and been homeschooled since. I was still young when I left and we didn’t really have phones or anything, so when I left school I really didn’t have any way of contacting my friends, so I basically lost them.

So right now, I only have 2 bestfriends and their names are Alexus and Bianca.  I’ve been friends with Alexus since forever, she doesn’t live close by and we didn’t go to the same school. Our parents knew each other for a long time and that’s how we knew each other. I met Bianca about 4 years ago, our moms worked at the same place. And every time we came over we would play Minecraft forever, do our nails or hair, or watch tv.

Finally I will try to talk about my personality. I don’t know if you’d call it adventurous, but I like to do rock climbing or climbing in general. I will do anything for my friends, I’m a little shy, but my dad is making us(me and my brother) go to a public speaking club. Once you get to know me I’m not really shy, just to strangers. When I’m mad I would usually calm down, but sometimes I could get really mad.

Thanks for reading, if you find any mistakes please comment below.


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