What I enjoy doing with my friends

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English Essay

Today I will be describing what I enjoy doing with my friends. I do different things with my friends and depends whom I’m with.

I have 2 best friends, their names are Alexus and Bianca. Although, they only met once together when we all went camping together. They do follow each other on social media.

Alexus has been my friend since forever, although she doesn’t live nearby. She’s like family, we’ve known each like before we were even born, our parents knew each other a long time ago.

She enjoys doing theater and is in an orchestra in her school. She’s the one who got me into Hamilton the broadway musical. She’s also the one who sings in our Youtube channel here.

When I’m over her house we’re always doing something, once someone threw out a shelf w/ cabinets outside on the road and we changed that to a toy kitchen for her little sister, we took apart the pieces and the next morning we put it together, it was fun. Sometimes we play Minecraft with my bother or we watch The Simpsons, we got her into the Simpsons and now she loves it.

She would always do parties for almost every occasion, they’re going to do a halloween party for her little sister and we’re going to be like hosting/helping with it. They always did a party every year for her birthday, the one I remember is either her 10 or 11 birthday party, we rode on a limousine and going on stops and doing activities, it was really fun.

I met Bianca 4 years ago at my moms work, she was playing Minecraft and we talked and then soon we became friends. We used always play Minecraft with my brother or we would do our nails, hair, while watching TV. Her mom cooks really good, and my brother always loves her cooking.

She moved a couple months, she didn’t move far but farther than before. They just finished remodeling the house and it looks good. Her birthday is actually tomorrow and their throwing a party. They have 2 dogs, a pitbull and a toy poodle. My brother loves the pitbull, and the toy poodle is just annoying.

I love them both, though they live far, we keep in touch, but who knows what will happen in the future.


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