S.E. Asia and Oceania

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

This is my first essay on the 8th Grade History course, about south-east Asia and Oceania.

The Siam peninsula and the islands of south-east Asia developed a lot slower than India, China, and the Middle East.

The islands did eventually organize to some small countries including Indonesia. The countries developed slowly, till during the 17th-20th centuries Europeans came in and started colonizing and governing much of the areas.

Dutch started colonizing some the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines were colonized by Spain.

Oceania includes the continent of Australia, and a smaller one, New Zealand, and a bunch of little islands around it.

The British empire started colonizing a little bit of Australia, Australia and eventually New Zealand became important colonies of the British empire later on. New Zealand was found by pacific ocean people, and was colonized by a group called, the Maoris, and Australia was inhabited by the Aborigines.

Before 1750, Oceania was made up of fisherman, farmers and sailors. They were late to be developed, because they were further away from the birth of civilization.

They used stone and bone tools like, spears and boomerang for hunting, and lived in wooden houses.

Their diet included kangaroos, grubs, moths, turtle eggs, fruit bats, things they fished, and things they could farm.

They had an odd religion known as, ancestor worship. They believed the people who came before them were gods, and created the world they lived in, so they worshipped the dead ancestors.

Even after 1750, Oceania developed rather slowly, until the 1800 when Australia and New Zealand were colonized by the British and the development increased in the area, and the French and the Netherlands started colonizing the area, even now some of these islands are under the European nations.


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