Favorite and least favorite subject

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English

So day 3 of English wants me to write about my favorite subject or my least favorite, and I will write about both.

My favorite subject will have to be history  because…

  1.  Its easy
  2. Its more fun
  3. I just finish it faster than the other subjects

Other reasons are because… English, I have to read like 5 chapters of a book every day and sometimes have to write a 1 page essay everyday, science is just not interesting for me, and math is just hard and takes me forever to finish it.

I don’t just like history because its easy(well it is) but I do actually enjoy what I’m learning, my favorite part of history is learning about Tudor dynasty, although there are so many Henrys.

My least favorite subject is either science or math. Science is just not as fun for me, I just started taking biology and it just doesn’t catch my attention, but I have to do it anyways.

Math is just complicated, I take the Saxon Math Algebra 2, which has geometry and algebra 2, its so far so good, but its not the easiest and it takes me forever to finish one lesson.

So, overall here is a list of my favorite to least favorite subjects:

  1. History
  2. English
  3. Science
  4. Math

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