Farthest I’ve been from home

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English

My assignment for day 4 of english is to write about the farthest I’ve been from home. The farthest I’ve been from my home in, California, is probably Utah, but by airplane is China. You see the farthest I’ve been from home by car is Utah and by plane is China.

My family and I went on a road trip to Utah 1-2 years ago. We visited Salt Lake City and Provo, we went horseback riding in the Zion National Park, and walked in a river.

That time was the first time I did horseback riding, I think it was couple hours with some breaks for water, but the scenery was beautiful and it was fun, my mom and dad kept saying it was scary as we were turning a corner on the edge of the cliff, although I had no problem with it. My mom and I got horses while my dad and my brother got mules, my horses name was Blueberry.

When we were going out of Utah it was raining so hard and it was really foggy, and then you could hear the thunderstorm and a flash of streaking light coming from the sky, it was so cool and freighting at the same time. It was seriously the first time I saw lighting.(cuz in california, there ain’t no thunder)

It was really cold and it was raining really really hard, and the fog you couldn’t really see what’s ahead of you.

Then, finally we got out of the rain and thunder, then I relief that we survived it.

But still it was my first time seeing lighting.

We went to China to visit some families 3 years ago, we went in the month of October and stayed a whole month. The first week of October was National Day, so my cousins had the whole week off of school, so I stayed for the last 2 days, and my brother stayed the whole week.

Near where we were staying was a huge mall where there was a movie theater and we watched the “Wolverine” it was in chinese with English subtitles. And there was a huge indoor water park, we went to the water park and there was a few rides and there was a big spa area where my family usually stayed, and above was the dinning area, where the side facing the park was windows so you could see the whole park from above.

One of the rides was twist and turns and at the end there’s a huge drop down, another was a funnel and you ride side-to-side, and in the middle of the park was a big pool and there was waves coming and going.

While we were staying with some family, we did take a trip to a city called Xi’an, and we visited the Terracotta Army, it was huge. terracotta_army_view_of_pit_1

The terracotta army

We stayed for a couple of days and took the train back.

And that’s about the two trips I’ve been farthest from home by car and plane.


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