What I did over the summer

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English

Its been a while since I posted anything here so here it is.

I just started the 8th grade English course! I’m taking the first 5 lessons free, and the first lesson wants me to write an essay about what I did over the summer.

I didn’t do much, I mostly did my school work like always(yes, I do schoolwork over the summer).

My brother and I did go to sleep away horse camp, near San Diego, far from where I live, its funded by the YMCA. We went for one week, we went last year and had so much fun, so we went again this year.

Basically we groom and tack the horses in the morning, and then do some activities like team-building, games, or hiking, then we get to ride the horses in the afternoon, either we ride inside an arena or we go trail riding. And on 1 day each cabin get to go to Marston(another camp near by, but it’s a normal summer camp) and we make candles, and we get to swim in their pool and eat lunch there.

In the evening is when we eat dinner and sometimes we have activities after, like mystery night which is a mystery(of course), the last time was a movie night, where we watched “How to Train a Dragon 2” and another time was a game that is similar to Capture the Flag. The Skit Night where each cabin makes a skit and we have to act it out, or the Night Out where we would make our own simple dinner and we sleep outside depending of the weather.

And on the last day(Friday) you and your riding group would have to do a horse show, where you ride with your riding mates in a pattern that you made up.

And thats what we did for the week.

My brother and I did go to a YMCA activity called “Junior Leaders” for two weeks, where you would go everyday(except weekends, of course) and you would either volunteer in the morning or afternoon. You can choose where you want to volunteer, for ex. office, laundry, kids tumbling, or the tiny tot camp, etc.

When your not volunteering your usually doing actives depending on the theme of the week. Then there’s lunch and after lunch there’s Campers Choice where you would choose to do either an arts and craft or sports. I usually choose sports, we play soccer, capture the football, hockey ground, etc. I really love soccer, one time my team and I beat like 2 teams and then we went against the coaches and no one would get a point so they gave the point to us.

And thats what I did for the summer.


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