My Day

RonPaulCurriculum English Essay Week 25

My assignment is to write about a day in the week, so I’ll tell you about yesterday.

My alarm went off at 7:45, but I didn’t wake up till 8:30. Then I ate breakfast and brushed my teeth, and started RPC around 9:00.

After I finished all of my RPC subjects, which is history, english, and science, I did my Algebra 1 math. Then me and my brother did some editing w/ a video, and published it on YouTube.

Then I played my guitar and then I ate dinner, and then my dad came home, and me and my brother went out to the pool benches and read our books for a while. Then my mom came home, and she ate dinner while we were watching the Walking Dead, and then we watched this documentary called “The Raiders of The Lost Ark” its a documentary, not Indiana Jones.

Then we finally went to bed like at 11:00.



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