What is a genre

RonPaulCurriculum English Week 14

What is a genre?

A genre is a word for any category of arts, music, or literature. It is an important part of the book, it describes the book.

The difference in literature genre is fiction and non-fiction

Non-fiction is about real events in history and only has facts. Like a biography or an essay about history.

While fiction is the total opposite, anything that doesn’t have real facts or real events in history is said to be fiction.

Historical Fiction are books that are in an actual time period in history, but the books may not point out the famous people in the day.

Realistic Fiction books are any type of fiction that is has a precise description of the world we live in.

Science Fiction and Horror books kinda go together, science fiction uses science and technology to visualize a story, while horror uses violence, crime, or fear to create an emotional story. Which makes the book entertaining.

“Allegory is a literary device in which characters or events in a literary, visual, or musical art form represent or symbolize ideas and concepts,” said by Bradley Fish(it’s hard to explain:) )

Fantasy books are books with strange setting or characters, or it could be an imaginary kind of book. For example, J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is about elves, dwarfs, and hobits or JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series(one of my favorite books) is about a secret wizarding world that uses wands, spells, and curses.

Mythology is also have make belief characters. It is usually based in part of historical events, most common mythological stories are about the Roman or Greek gods.

Fables/Parables, fables is a narration of a truth, mainly in which animals speak as humans. Sometimes a legendary or supernatural story. One example of fables is the book Aesop’s Fables.

Comedy is supposed to be humorous, witty, or hilarious, and can be persuaded with laughter, especially in theaters, television, film or a stand-up comedy. It can come in different types, but it should always to be funny.

A Satire is supposed to be humorous, but also very witty. Satires can be political, social, or general in content. It should make you laugh then think.

Please point out any mistakes I made, it’ll be helpful. Thanks.


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