RonPaulCurriculum English Essay Week 12

One morning day in Sherwood forest, it was a beautiful day and Robbin Hood was bored as he leaned by a tree in his camp, he was thinking what he should do today. He thought and thought and thought, then he said, “Maybe I should take a little stroll in the forest.”

So then in the afternoon, he started on a little path in Sherwood Forest, he heard a little shuffle in a bush he said, “Who’s there! Don’t be afraid to come out.” Then he walked to the bush and squatted down a saw a little bunny with a twig into its leg and couldn’t walk.

“Poor bunny, here let me take you back to my camp, I guess my stroll is going to end,” said Robin. When he got back to camp he took the twig out of the little bunny and bandaged the poor little bunny. He said, “Little bunny you can’t walk until your leg is healed.”

On the following day Robin said, “I will call you Stella.” He changed Stella’s bandage and fed her. And in a week Stella can finally walk and she decided to stay with Robin.

Then Robin lived happy ever after in Sherwood Forest with Stella.


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