East-West Schism

RonPaulCurriculum History Week 8

In 1054, the church was split between East and West. Because of the invasions of the Balkan, the churches was somewhat separated. Also, the churches spoke different languages, Latin in the West and Greek in the East, which made communication harder.

Michael Cerelarius tried to shut down the Latin Church. Then Pope Leo IX countered by sending one of his cardinals to insist that Constantinople submit to Rome.

The schism did not occur because of two hotheaded leaders, there were a lot of different arguments that led the split.

West Government

  • Saw the Pope as the last Apostolic See
  • The Pope was free to run the church in the West

East Government

  • Saw Pope as “First among equals”
  • His position was not supposed to govern the Eastern Church as Leo tried to claim



  • Wanted to prevent Arianism
  • Inserted another clause in the Nicene Creed


  • Was not consulted when extra clause was added
  • Did not accept theological implications



  • Became Roman Catholic Church
  • Pope held position of Apostolic See
  • The church is separate from the state in the West


  • Became Eastern Orthodox church
  • Did not centralized authority like the Pope
  • The church is under state’s jurisdiction

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