RPC History Week 4 10/9/15 King Clovis and Early France

Today I will be talking about King Clovis and early France.

The Franks lived on the Rhine River, while the Romans were still in control of Gaul, the Franks started to make territories, such as Aquitaine, Burgundy, and Austrasia.

One of the Northern tribe was the Merovingian, their first king was Merovich, but his grandson Clovis I was most remembered as the early king of France. He was king of France when he was 15 years old, in 481 AD.

He may be young but then he proved himself very effective in the military, and a very good political leader. In 486, he rebelled against Rome who owned Gaul at the time, the Roman general Syagrius, didn’t take the battle seriously, because Clovis was very young. So the Franks won the battle and the Romans lost most of the control of Gaul.

He didn’t want to kick the Romans out, instead he went to conquer the rest of the Frankish tribes, including Toulouse and Aquitaine.

He married the daughter of the king of Burgundy. Clotilde was a Christian and wanted Clovis to become Christian, Clovis was a pagan until 496, he was battling and was losing until he prayed to God to victory, he devoted to follow God.

Clovis expanded his territory until 509, he was the king of all the Franks, and had united Gaul. He died in 511 AD.

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