RPC English Week 4 10/9/15


  • Juxtaposition

– Two different things standing right next to each other

In the beginning of “Connecticut Yankee in King Aurthur’s Court”  Hank is in his 1800 clothes and standing right next to a a man in shining armor

  • Milieu

– A person’s personal environment

Its the environment that gives the story its twist and turns, it also gives the cultural parts of the store

  • Customs

– What people do or are like during a specific time period

Everyone has different customs, especially for people who came from different culture

  • Satire

– A genre of literature in which individuals or cultures are ridiculed, often to same the shame the target into improvement.

The book “The Connecticut Yankee in Kings Arthur’s Court” is a satire of modern politics

  • Visualization

– Using the setting and sensory details to create a picture in your mind of what is happening in the story

Good authors can make you visualize a picture from words

  • Mood

– The atmosphere or feeling the setting creates

When the King and The Boss tried to feel like how peasant lives, totally changed the mood.


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