RPC English Week 2 10/1/15

The future, don’t you wish that you could know the future. Like what if there was flying cars or robots who walk down the streets or something. It may be in the year 3000 before we know the technology, and maybe they invented teleportation or invisibility, now that will be cool.

Now if I was in the future, there will be flying cars, and of course we will still need to work to earn money, we wouldn’t want robots to work for our own money, when robots can help do other things like babysit, work for their own money (of course), etc.

Also ipads will be upgraded so that like the screen is like floating, and phones will be upgraded so that if it rings a message will pop up in front of you and there will be a camera of the other person.

Not only, there will be this new kind of thing that if you put on these kind of glasses and insert like a game, then you will be taken to a place and actually play the game like you were in the game, but in reality your just resting.(I got this idea from an anime called “Sword Art Online”)


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