RPC History Week 34 7/13/15

Today I will be talking about the fall of Rome.

The reason because the Western Rome fell apart is because it had, lack of military, the split, economic struggles, political rivalries, turmoil, and moral decline.

Rome was split by Diocletian who thought it will help ruling Rome. So he ruled the Eastern Empire and Maximian ruled the Western Empire, then Galerius and Constantius as Caesars (junior co-emperors). But then this tetrarchy did not go well, because the 2 emperors will often argue about resources.

Since, Rome recruit people they conquered and some of them were barbarians and they didn’t want to fight other barbarians who are going to sack Rome, so then Rome lost some soldiers during that.

Also, since they were always going to wars and always overspending, it was a big problem for Rome.Besides since they were not conquering they couldn’t get resources.

So then, Alaric the Visigoth sacked Rome in 410 AD, then Odoacer deposed Romulus Augustulus, the last emperor of the Western Empire in 476 AD. But the Visigoth were not only why Rome fell, it’s also because political, moral, economic, and military turmoil, weakened Rome from the inside.


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