RPC History Week 33 7/7/15

Today I’m going to talk about 3 Apostolic Fathers, Ignatius, Clement, and Polycarp.

Ignatius was taught by the apostle John.  He was a bishop of Antioch, and helped the development of Church doctrine. He was also the first to promote worship on Lord’s Day.  He was then take prisoner of the Romans and killed by wild beasts in the Colosseum.

We know very little about Clement, but we think he was taught by the apostle Peter. He was the Bishop of Rome, but then he was martyred by King Trajan. Also, he was remembered by writing a letter to the Corinthian church in support of hierarchical church government.

Finally, Polycarp was also taught by John and was the Bishop of Smyrna. His writings are the oldest Christian writing. Then he was arrested by the Romans when he was 86 years old. They gave him a chance of not going to prison, but instead he said, “Eighty and six years have I served Him, and he had done me no wrong. How then can I blaspheme my King and Savior? Bring forth what thou wilt!”  After that he was sentenced to be burned at stake.


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