RPC History Week 31 6/23/15

Roman clothes were made from cloth or linen. Usually they left the clothing with its natural color, but you can buy dyed or bleached clothes if you can afford it. You can also buy clothes made out of cotton or silk, but they were very expensive.

Men would wear tunics besides loincloth, and citizens would wear toga, but originally togas are for special occasions. Also they will have short hair with either short or long beard or clean shave.

Women would also wear tunics but they also wear robe that reaches the ankle called a stola. They also wear a scarf called, a palla, around them or over their head. Women most of the time wrap their hair in a bun, but then complicated hairstyles became popular afterwards. Makeup was also popular.

People would wear sandals or they could be barefoot, but if you are a soldier you would wear boots or if you worked outside then you would wear boots.

People with a lot of money would buy earrings, rings, broaches, bracelets, or necklace to decorate their clothes.


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