RPC History Week 5 12/13/14

Amasis the 5th ruler of Egypt during the 26th Dynasty also known as the “The Last Great Egyptian

Amasis was actually the king’s Greek name, his birth name was Ahmose II, which means “The Moon is Born, Son of Neith”, and his throne name was Khnem-ib-re, meaning “He who embraces the Heart of Re”. We think Amasis ruled between 570 and 526 B.C.

Also, Amasis was a general who seized the throne during a reboot against King Apries(The fourth king of the 26th Dynasty). In 570, after Apries’s unsuccessful campaign against Cyrene(in modern Libya), the Egyptian troops mutinied, and when Amasis was sent to pacify them, the mutineers proclaimed him king. Amasis killed Apries in battle but later gave him a royal burial.

Amaris then turned to diplomacy, securing an alliance with Cyrene by marrying a woman of that country and also seeking alliances in Greece.


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