RPC History Week 25 6/5/15

I will talk about the founding of Carthage. Carthage was founded around 814 BC, located on the coast of North Africa. It was founded by a Phoenician Queen, Elissa, also known as Dido from Virgil’s Aeneid.

Elissa was the daughter of king Tyre, but when king Tyre died her brother reign. Then Elissa fled to start a new kingdom, because her brother was a very jealous ruler and he even   killed his own uncle which was Elissa’s husband.

Elissa talked to people of north Africa to give her land, and the way she did it was that she asked them to give her as much land as a bulls hide can cover, but a bull’s hide is very small, but she was a very tricky business women, so she cut the bulls hide into skinny long strips, and that covered a lot of land. So she began to start a new civilization of Carthage.

Carthage was the best trader in tin and maker of bronze and it expanded across North Africa. Then Carthage was destroyed in 146 BC after the third and final Punic war, and then was occupied by the Romans.



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