RPC History Week 13 2/20/15

The Iliad is about the Trojan war.

The Trojan war started when prince Paris went and visited King Menelaus and Queen Helen of Sparta. King Menelaus was very lucky cause he was to marry Helen, Helen was the most beautiful woman of the whole world.

Helen’s father said whoever was the word of the hand of Helen can marry her. And if Helen was ever kidnapped, all of the other people will gain up against the person who kidnapped her.

Then prince Paris kidnapped Helen to take her with him to Troy. Then Menelaus gained up with the other people to fight with Troy.

The war lasted for 10 years. Then finally the Greeks are running out of soldiers and finally they asked their strongest man Achilles to finally join them in the war, but he had an argue with Agamemnon, the high king and refused to go to war but instead he let his cousin Patroclus to go to war and wear his armor. The Trojan thought it was Achilles so they killed him, but they found out that it was actually Patroclus.

And then Achilles wanted revenge on his cousin, and the person who killed his cousin was Hector, the Trojan’s strongest man. So then Achilles wanted one on one combat with him, and Achilles actually won the one on one combat. And then Paris kills Achilles with a lucky shot.

Then the Greece takes out their secret weapon the Trojan Horse. The trojan horse was a gift to the trojans to say sorry for all the trouble we made. So they sailed off, but actually they just sailed out of sight of the trojans leaving the trojan horse. Actually the trojan horse inside was Greece’s best soldiers. So then by nightfall the soldiers inside the horse escape and open the city gates and trash the city.

Then afterwards everybody returned back to Greece including Helen.


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