RPC History Week 12 2/13/15

One of the first prophet is Elijah. He was mean but a powerful man who performed many astonishing miracles.

He served as a prophet in Israel and one of his warning was that Ahab’s sins will die a painful death.

One time Elijah called Baal and his prophets(800) to a challenge to show the power of their god. After all of Baal prophets failed, Elijah showed that God was better than Baal, and after that his people turned against Baal and helped Elijah execute all of his prophets.

Then Elijah chose Elisha to be the next prophet, he spent years training him. Elisha was the only one to see the end of Elijah. Elisha made more miracles than Elijah had. He was not as mean as Elijah, and he healed sick people and he supplied food for those who need it, also he protected Israel from invaders.

Ben-Hadad an enemy of Israel was sending ambushes and only Elisha knew so she told the king and they knew how to handle them. So then Ben-Hadad knew he had to kill Elisha. So he sent another ambush to kill him, but when they arrived Elisha stood calm and prayed, then Ben-Hadad’s whole army was blinded.

Then he took them to the king and the king was happy that his enemy’s army was blinded, but Elisha said to feed them and send them back home.

Not only Elisha was also respected outside of Israel.
Naaman the general of Ben-Hadad came to Israel and requested to meet the prophet of Elisha to be healed because he had lepercy so Elisha told Naaman to bathe in the Jordan river 7 times. So he did and he was healed.

The next prophet was Jonah he was sent to Nineveh which was a city in Assyria, not a part of Israel where all the other prophets ministered.

Isaiah was the next prophet and many times he prophesied about the coming of Jesus.

Jeremiah the last prophet of Judah before the fall to Babylon. He was nicknamed “the weeping prophet” because of his sad book Lamentations, which mourns the fall of Judah and Jerusalem.


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