RPC History Week 11 2/7/15

The first king of Judah is Rehoboam he reigned for 17 years and he also reigned the 12 tribes for a little while then he only reigned the tribe of Judah. Then his son Abijah the second king tried to put together the 12 tribes but he failed. Asa the next king was the first king that was a good king and he brought back the honor of God and reigned for 41 years. Jehosaphat was also a very good king like Asa reigned for 25 years. Jehosphat’s son Jehoram married the daughter of  King Ahaziah Athaliah and because King Ahaziah was the king of Israel it was a very bad decision. Ahaziah son of Jehoram of Judah reigned for only 1 year and was killed by Jehu of Israel. Then his mother Athalia reigned for 6 years she thought she killed all the heirs to the throne was dead and the line of Judah ended. But Joash survived and reigned for 40 years and was a good king. Then Amaziah(next king), Uzziah(next king after Amaziah), and Jotham(next king after Uzziah) were good kings. But then Jotham’s son Ahaz was one of the worst kings of Judah and reigned for 16 years. Then Hezekiah who a good king reigned 29 years. After Manasseh who was a very horrible king but then he repented and actually reigned for 55 years. Then his son Amon who was also a bad king reigned only for 2 years. And the last king of Judah and also the last good king of Judah is Josiah and reigned for 31 years.


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