RPC History Week 10 1/30/15

Today I’m going to talk about King Solomon. Solomon was the youngest of 7 sons of King David(Solomon’s father) and King David made sure that Solomon will be the next king, so then he makes Solomon co-regent so that his brothers won’t terrorize him.

So when King David died the Solomon became king of Israel and God asked Solomon 1 wish. And Solomon was not like other kings who would choose riches and wealth, instead Solomon wished for wisdom to rule over his land.

Solomon build David’s dream of building a temple for God’s worship. It took 7 years to complete the building, the whole building was covered with gold even the floor.

God commanded to kings not to have many wives, horses, or wealth, but then Solomon had 700 wives plus 300 concubines and he acquired excessive wealth.

So then God tells Solomon that he will no longer rule over Israel and will give it to his servant Jeroboam, but will only leave 2 tribes Judah and Benjamin to be rule by his son Rehoboam.


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