RPC History Week 1 10/7/14

If I live during the Tower of Babel, when God confused all of people by changing their languages, and I found a group of people who speak the same new language that I speak. I will go somewhere where nobody is living for example: North America or Russia. Where people who speak my language will live there where everybody can understand each other. And if somebody came to my country, who does not speak my language then they have to learn how to speak my language, so that he can understand everybody(who understands my language).


If I knew French and others knew Spanish, Italian, or Latin I would try to guess what their saying(which would be kind a hard to do). Because French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin kind of sound the same. And if I learn their language just by listening I could understand them and speak to them. I don’t need to know French to learn Spanish or Latin, I can listen to learn their language little by little, and soon enough I could speak their language and understand them, just by listening and watching what they’re doing.


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