RPC History Week 23 5/21/15

Today I will be talking about the Roman Games. Lucius Tarquinius was the one who invented the Roman Games. He made the Circus Maximus for the chariot races and the foot races.

Then the Colosseum and other amphitheater were built for people to watch the other games.

Let’s look in the Circus Maximus. The Circus Maximus was 1800 feet long and 600 feet wide, and it held 250,000 people in the stadium. Here’s a picture of it:

There was always 12 chariots on the track and were usually  7 laps length. The races are extremely dangerous because you can get really injured, but if you won the race you will be rich and famous.

Now let’s talk about the gladiatorial games. The gladiatorial games were different from the Greek Olympics. The Greeks Olympics focused on the worship of a man, but the Romans used it for entertainment. Here’s a picture of the Colosseum:

There are 2 types of games the morning games and the afternoon games.

Morning games:

-Participants paraded in the amphitheater, and animal “hunt” were held

-Sometimes animals fought against the gladiators, other times they devoured defenseless criminals

Afternoon games:

-Gladiators were men who fought against each other for the crowds entertainment



I got my pictures from http://images.google.com.



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