RPC History Week 22 4/17/15

I will be talking a little about the first 2 kings of Rome, Romulus and Numa Pompilius.

First, I will talk about Romulus. Romulus began building a city, and he noticed that he needed to make laws in order to maintain Rome. So he invented “lictors” which was 12 men to be his bodyguards and law enforcement.

He also offered any residence to any freeman or slave to help grow the city. He also organized something called the Senate to help him rule over Rome. This is about the same time when Romulus and his men started to invade other close by cities, and kidnapping women, since men usually joined the city not women so they needed woman to grow the city.

Romulus had a good life and he died in 717 BC.

Now let’s talk about Numa Pompilius. When Romulus died there was no heir to throne, so they decided the Senate to be king, but that only lasted 1 year until the people wanted a real king. So the people picked Numa Pompilius to be kin because of his justice, piety, and his amazing wisdom, so he was king.

Numa and Romulus were very different, Romulus was more like a war like man and Numa was more like a peaceful ruler. Numa built the Temple of Janus. The Temple of Janus was a sign of his successful of bringing peace. The most important part of the Temple of Janus was not inside the temple but it was its doors. So when the people was worshiping the god Janus it meant that they were at war trying to get his favor, but when they were at peace they were kind of ignoring this God, so Numa kept the doors closed every single time when they were at peace.

Numa had a good life and he reign from 715-673 BC.


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