RPC History Week 24 5/8/15

Today I will talk about the Roman legal system.

The early Roman Republic had a disagreement between the patricians and plebeians. Also the Romans borrowed some of their laws from the code of Solon.

Then in 451 BC, 10 men were appointed to write down Rome’s law code, so they came up with the Twelve Tables. We do not have a complete copy of it, but we know it was more of a series of procedural rules than case laws.

The most important contribution to legal developments in Europe was the jurist. The jurist’s job is to study, analyze, and interpret laws and to develop the science of law.

Rome also had a court system that was different from any other cultures. If you claimed a crime you had to have a suspect in order to appear in court. The laws were made by the Senate and Assemblies, then is examined by judges. Also criminals were not imprisoned, but they were banish, and death penalty was really rare during the Republic.


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