RPC History Week 21 4/10/15

Today I will talk about King Philip II of Macedon.

King Philip is the son of king Amyntas III, and was born in 382 BC. Philip was a political prisoner in Thebes. But then, he went back to Macedon in 364 and became the king in 359 BC at age 23.

He had great military skills and an expansionist vision that leads expansion to his kingdom. Using both military force and diplomacy, he first reestablished the Macedonian territory ruled by his father.

After he regained on his fathers lost territories, he allied with some of
Greece, then he decided that he wanted to expand. But then some times Philip will battle  his allies, like when he defeated Illyrians in battle, even though he married the king’s great-granddaughter.

King Philip II died in 336 BC by one of his chief bodyguards. It happened when Philip was out in the public attending an entertaining event, Philip was stabbed by Pausanius, his bodyguard. We still do not know why he stabbed the king.

He was buried in his own tomb, but then his body was moved to a larger tomb for all of Alexander the Great’s family.


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